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Authors: Ping Xu, Kai Wang, Li Geng

Abstract: The Volterra series are a functional series.Its kernals both in time domain and frequency domain have definite physical significance and are...

Authors: Sidney Bruce Shiki, Vicente Lopes, Samuel da Silv

Abstract: Structural damage identification is basically a nonlinear phenomenon; however, nonlinearprocedures are not used currently in practical...

Authors: Xiao Ran Zhu, You Yun Zhang, Gao Liang Zhang, Zhi Zhou

Abstract: For the purpose of addressing non-stationary, poor repeatability, abundant information in the speed-up and speed-down process of a...

Authors: Jing Jiang, Zhi Nong Li

Abstract: A new bearing fault recognition method based on volterra series and HMM is proposed. In the proposed method, first the feature vectors are...

Authors: Zhi Ke Peng, Z.Q. Lang, C. Wolters, S.A. Billings

Abstract: In the present study, a nonlinear system identification approach known as NARMAX (Nonlinear Auto-Regressive Moving Average with eXogenous...

Authors: Graeme Manson, Keith Worden
Authors: Giacomo V. Demarie, Rosario Ceravolo, Alessandro de Stefano

Abstract: In structural engineering applications a sufficient quantity of experimental data to be able to achieve a consistent estimate of nonlinear...

Authors: Yi Bin Dou, Min Xu

Abstract: This paper gives a low-order approximations of multi-input Volterra series as a nonlinear reduced-order model (ROM) based on wavelet...

Authors: Qing Ran, Mei Ling Xiao, Yue Xin Hu

Abstract: Volterra series take important role in nonlinear vibration analysis. For material hysteresis, it is proposed Bouc-Wen model to estimate...

Authors: Yong Sheng Gao, Sha Wu, Jiu He Ma, Jiu Liang Xiong

Abstract: Strong Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) as a new idea weapon has caused many effects like malfunctions, performance degradation, interferences,...

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