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Authors: Qi Bin Liu, Long Jiang Zou, Min Zheng, Chuang Dong

Abstract: In the present paper, bioceramic coating with gradient compositional design was prepared on surface of Ti alloy by using wide-band laser...

Authors: Qi Bin Liu, Ling Wu, Bang Cheng Yang

Abstract: A gradient bioceramic composite coating was prepared by wide-band laser cladding technique on TC4 alloy surface. The influence of rare...

Authors: Qi Bin Liu, Bang Cheng Yang

Abstract: To eliminate thermal stress during laser cladding and to raise the bonding strength between substrate and coating, composition gradient...

Authors: Qi Bin Liu, Wen Fei Li, Bang Cheng Yang

Abstract: In this study, microstructure and biocompatibility of gradient bioceramic composite coating fabricated by Wide-Band Laser Cladding is...

Authors: Chun Hua Zhang, Yu Xi Hao, Lin Qi, Fang Hu, Song Zhang, Mao Cai Wang

Abstract: Abstract. The paper presents the results of a study concerned with the surface hardening of Inconel 625 alloys and Ni-base alloy powder on...

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