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Authors: S. Ringeval, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: Multiple forging (MF) can be used to attain large plastic strains in bulk alloys by successive forging along three orthogonal directions to...

Authors: Ji Luo, Zhi Rui Wang

Abstract: Recently, the necessity to grade grain size to ultrafine and nano scale for understanding the mechanical behavior of these materials has...

Authors: Anthony D. Rollett, U.F. Kocks
Authors: Maurizio Ferrante

Abstract: It is well known that the low ductility of nanostructured materials seriously impairs their commercial development. In its turn that...

Authors: Liang Chu, Qing Wei Wang, Yan Bi, Da Sen Bi

Abstract: Based on analyzing the stress-strain characters of material in nosing deformation zone, and considering two influencing factors, i.e....

Authors: Zheng Jun Liu, Xie Bo Zeng

Abstract: Aiming at improving the impact wear-resistant performance of metals, a new sort of surfacing electrode named TKCE50 was developed in this...

Authors: J.B. Li, X.Y. Gai, D.L. Wang, S.Y. Ma, Vincent Ji

Abstract: The work hardening effect of the shot peening affected layer of hardened and low temperature tempered spring steel was investigated using...

Authors: A. Muto, Seishi Goto, M. Tagami
Authors: P. Bollók, M. Kozma

Abstract: It is well known that during sliding friction the properties of rubbing surfaces are changed owing to transformations caused by applied...

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