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Authors: Su Xia Zhou, Qian Zhang, Rui Xue
Abstract: With the development of automobile technology, automobile active safety has been paid more and more attention. ESP is an essential component of active safety. Currently, ESP has slowly gained popularity, vehicle safety has been significantly improved. In order to make people have more in-depth knowledge of ESP, the author through reading a large number of documents to complete the article. This paper focuses on the working principle of ESP, and a brief description of its common control methods.
Authors: Liang Han, M.M. Yang
Abstract: It is known that vibratory feeders are the most versatile of all hopper feeding devices for small engineering parts and play a key role in assembly automation. However, there are still no reliable and effective professional teaching platforms for researching or demonstrating the principle of the parts conveying. The aim of this paper is to develop an optimal teaching platform based on the analysis of the working principle that the feeder follows. The structural design, elastic system and control system are studied in this paper. The vibration principle is verified by the teaching platform through the experiment and the results are promising.
Authors: Guo Cheng Fang
Abstract: The phenomenon of higher shaft vibration and higher bearing temperature is repeated happening during the starting of the 1 000MW coal fired unit of Suizhong power station, seriously endanger the safe operation of the unit, this article mainly aims at the difficult problem of this one technology, by researching on steam turbine work principle and vibration analysis, to find the reason of effect on stability, and to correct all unreasonable factors, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, to laid solid foundation for the construction of the intelligent power grid.
Authors: Zhe Zheng, Ren Jie Zhang
Abstract: Instantaneous speed measurement system can accurately measure the rotating target and realize the rotation direction judgment. It plays a very important role in industrial applications, as monitoring or controlling the rotation speed of transmitter, motor, turbine. With the development of technology, a modern speed measurement system is demanded to be intelligent, high integration, high precision, high reliability, and low cost etc. Based on the large number of literatures, this paper is a comprehensive review of the principle and application of domestic and foreign mature technology of rotation speed measurement method at present. Through the systematic classification, relationship between the different speed measurements is revealed, and the advantages and disadvantages of different measuring sensor are presented, so that readers can choose reasonable speed measurement method depending on the application, the actual measurement requirements and the test purposes.
Authors: Hui Huang, Zhen De Cui, Zhong Xue, Yuan Zhang
Abstract: This paper describes 4UMS-2700 cassava harvester’s overall structure and working principle, introduces its structural designs and main technical parameters, and explains the methods and basis to design its main working parts’ structures. Field experiments on its prototype was conducted and the experimental results show that the unit was reasonably designed with high productivity, low fuel consumption, and high operating reliability and can meet the agronomic requirements to harvest cassava.
Authors: Jian Zhang, Cun Tao He, Chen Liang, Liang Cai
Abstract: Green building, a kind of sustainable development and energy-saving buildings, has a very important significance for alleviating strained resources, protecting the environment to reduce pollution; And the solar energy as a kind of important renewable energy, with features of energy saving, environmental protection and natural, is more and more widely using in the green building. This paper will mainly discusses the actual application of the solar energy technologies in green building.
Authors: Hong Wang
Abstract: Workpiece flipping equipment is widely used in hexagon workpiece multi face and work station processing. Hydraulic drive has advantages of easy linear motion achivement, high power quality ratio and rapid dynamic response, etc. It is an essential element of modern mechanical engineering and one of the key technologies of engineering controls. Hydraulic drive system of the hexagon workpiece flipping equipment was designed, the hydraulic system schematic was drawn, its working principle was analysed. The workpiece flipping was successfully achieved by using hydraulic technology, it obtained good results in practical applications.
Authors: Xiu Li Qi, Zhen Fu, Guang Xian Wang, Kang Zhang, Yi Chen Dong
Abstract: Magnetic bearing is a high-performance mechatronic bearing, which can suspend parts in space stably using magnetic force. Its characteristics such as high speed, high precision, and low power consumption and so on make it valuable to research and widely to apply in the future. The paper summarized the working principle of magnetic bearing and its characteristics, research and application status. Based on these, it introduced the new application such as used for vibration reduction, dynamic absorber and in mining electromechanical device in engineering field, so as to increase efficiency and save more energy.
Authors: Tao Zhang, Yun Yun Xu, Lei Chen
Abstract: Widely used for concrete admixtures, the development status of concrete admixtures is summarized, the two classification methods of concrete admixtures are induced. Especially, currently mainly used four kinds of admixtures, water reducer, air entraining agents, retarders, and early strength agent, the working principle, the problem of construction application, the direction of development and construction technology are analyzed. Finally, admixture overall future direction of development prospect is presented.
Authors: Li Fu, Qi Chi Le, Xi Bo Wang, Xuan Liu, Wei Tao Jia
Abstract: In recent years, the development and utilization of renewable generation have attracted more and more attention, and the grid puts forward higher requirements to the energy storage technology, especially for security, stability and reliability. The liquid metal battery (LMB) consists of two liquid metal electrodes and a molten salt electrolyte, which will be segregated into three liquid layers naturally. Being low-cost and long-life, it is regarded as the best choice for grid-level large-scale energy storage. This paper describes the main structure and working principle of the LMB, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the LMB when compared with the traditional batteries, and explores the feasibility and economy when it is used as a kind of large-scale energy storage applied in the power grid. The paper also makes a comprehensive comparison on the performance of several LMBs, and points out the LMB’s research and development in the future.
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