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Authors: Gudrun Reichenauer

Abstract: Aerogels are porous materials with potential applications in fields ranging from thermal insulation, catalyst support, filters, electrical...

Authors: Justine Fenech, Céline Viazzi, Florence Ansart, Jean Pierre Bonino

Abstract: Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) are used as insulators on hot section components to reduce operating temperatures in aircraft engines and...

Authors: Jacob Zabicky, Giora Kimmel, Elena Goncharov, N. Hazan
Authors: Nicolás de la Rosa-Fox, Victor Morales-Flórez, Manuel Piñero, Luis Maria Esquivias Fedriani

Abstract: Acoustic cavitation effects in sol-gel liquid processing permits to obtain nanostructured materials, with size-dependent properties. The...

Authors: Jin Hong Li, Hong Wen Ma, Ying Cao

Abstract: The xerogel of mullite precursor with high specific surface area (422m2•g-1) was successfully prepared from the sol of aluminium isopropanol...

Authors: L. Noailles, B. Dunn, D. Larson, J. Starkovich, Hong Peng
Authors: Rafael van Grieken, José Aguado, María José López-Muñoz, Javier Marugán

Abstract: This paper presents a review of the work published by the authors on the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the photocatalytic...

Authors: Jae Won Kim, Seoung Soo Lee, Sung Kang Hur, Yeon Gil Jung, Chang Yong Jo

Abstract: A modified sol-gel method is proposed for the preparation of silicon carbide nano-particles and nano-whisker. Tetraethoxysilane (TEOS), SiO2...

Authors: Bambang Priyono, Akhmad Herman Yuwono, B. Munir, A. Rahman, A. Maulana, H. Abimanyu

Abstract: Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is one of the very promising alternative renewable energy sources to anticipate the diminishing in the...

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