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Authors: Ming Chang, Juti Rani Deka, Chia Hung Lin, Chin Chung Chung

Abstract: One-dimensional (1D) nanostructure such as nanowires (NWs), nanobelts and nanorods have attracted tremendous attention in recent years due...

Authors: Christopher Locke, G. Kravchenko, P. Waters, J. D. Reddy, K. Du, A.A. Volinsky, Christopher L. Frewin, Stephen E. Saddow

Abstract: Single crystal 3C-SiC films were grown on (100) and (111) Si substrate orientations in order to study the resulting mechanical properties of...

Authors: Zhu Feng Li, Xiu Ping Xu, Yang Li, Liang Xiao Chen, Yang Dong Zhang

Abstract: In this article, a new dynamic measuring method of young modulus based on magnetics coupling and double raster has been thoroughly given....

Authors: Atsumi Ohtsuki

Abstract: This paper describes a development of a new method (: Cantilever Method) to measure Young’s modulus of flexible materials. The method is...

Authors: Li Na Hao, Jian Chao Gao, Hont Tao L.

Abstract: The research is aimed at presenting a novel determination method of IPMC (Ionic Polymer Metal Composites) Young’s Modulus. This method would...

Authors: Xin Zhu Zhou, Jian Jun Zheng

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical method that can predict the Young’s modulus of ceramic with reasonable accuracy. By introducing periodic...

Authors: Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Tadeusz Szymczak, Katarzyna Makowska, B. Augustyniak

Abstract: The paper presents relationships between strain level generated by creep process and two parameters determined form non-destructive tests,...

Authors: Sang Joo Lee, Seung Min Hyun, Seung Woo Han, Hak Joo Lee, Jang Hyun Kim, Young Il Kim

Abstract: Mechanical behavior of small size materials has been explored due to many industry applications such as MEMs and semiconductors. The...

Authors: Liviu Suciu, Adrian Botean, Mihaela Suciu, Victor Ros

Abstract: This paper presents the determination of longitudinal elasticity module or Young's modulus - E and Poisson's ratio - ν, for a desmopam...

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