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Authors: J. Subocz, A. Valozhyn, P. Berczyński, E. Herko
Abstract: The paper presents the results of research into the dielectric characteristics of modified Kapton and Upilex polyimides with C60 – fullerene contents of 0.1-2.0 % wt. The influence of temperature and frequency on the time constants of b-relaxation of modified polyimides is shown.
Authors: Cheng Fu Yang, Chien Min Cheng, Ho Hua Chung, Chao Chin Chan
Abstract: 5~15 wt% MgO-CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 (MCAS, fabricated by sol-gel method) glass is used as the sintering aid of AlN ceramics. The sintering is proceeded from 1350oC~1550oC, scanning electron microscope is used to observe the sintered morphologies and X-ray diffraction pattern are used to confirm the crystal structures. From the SEM observations, as 10wt% and 15wt% MCAS is added, AlN ceramics can be densified at 1500oC and 1450oC, which are much lower than the before studies were. From the X-ray diffraction patterns, the crystal phases of MCAS-AlN ceramics are AlN, Al2O3, and cordierite phases. In this study, the dielectric characteristics of MCAS-AlN ceramics are also developed as a function of MCAS content and sintering temperature.
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