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Authors: Bai Lin Liu, Wen Chen, Lei Li, Qin Ren Xiong
Abstract: To improve the performance data management efficiency of welded pipe used in the 2nd west to east gas pipeline, a distributed performance data acquiring and management system for welded pipe was developed. The system was established by using two-level three-tier Client/Server model. Performance data for welded pipe from different factories was acquired at clients and input to local database. The data then can be analyzed at local, or be transferred to the server through networks for unified storage and analysis. The System has functions as data management, file transferring, standard technology condition management, statistical analysis, figure displaying and statistical analysis report generation, etc. The system was implemented using VC++. Oracle and Access is adopted as database for server and client respectively, XML is as the data encapsulation for transferring file. The developed system plays a significant role in analyzing and evaluating the whole quality of welded pipe, and is useful for pipeline quality control.
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