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Authors: Y. Lu, K. Sakaguchi, Tetsuo Shoji
Abstract:          
Authors: Xiao Hong Wang, Yu Wei, Chun Yun Shao, Yi Jun Shi, Wei Xue, Jian Feng Zhu
Abstract: The uniform corrosion and localized corrosion of 304 stainless steel in heavy oil with high salt, high sulfur and high acid value were researched by weight loss method and electrochemical method. The corrosion morphology of samples with and without corrosion product films and the compositions of the corrosion product films were observed using SEM and EDS. The results show that the 304 stainless steel is inapplicable to the refinery equipment of this heavy oil because of the severe local corrosion even if the uniform corrosion rate is as low as 0.0107mm/a. The salt corrosion and sulfur corrosion occur on the local surface of 304 stainless steel because of the chloride ion formed by hydrolysis of salt in the small emulsifying water. The water soluble iron naphthenate produced by chemical reaction between naphthenic and ferrous sulfides impel the local corrosion of the 304 stainless steel.
Authors: Ying Jie Yin, Xing Mao Yuan
Abstract: The casting process design and simulation of the end blade of ZLT1200 axial flow pump were presented in this paper. Three kinds of casting processes were designed and simulated using ProCAST. The 3D models of the casting processes were set up by Pro/E software. The optimized cast process was selected by simulation results. Practical production of optimized cast process was also carried out. The practical production results indicated that the selected cast process can meet the practical production demand and that end blades with high quality were manufactured.
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