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Authors: Nan Qiao, Xiao Kui Liu, Xian Quan Jiang, Zhi Qian Chen, Chun Mei Li, Hong Mei Che
Abstract: 5052 aluminum alloy modified with Cu was prepared, and the microstructure of the alloy was investigated throughly. The results show that, the constituents are identified as α (Al), θ-Al2Cu, S-Al2CuMg, Al6(Fe,Cu), Al7Cu2Fe and Si-rich phases. After homogenization at 460°C for 24 hours, the ternary eutectic phases (α-Al + Al2Cu + Al2CuMg) are almost completely dissolved, and there can be observed more binary eutectic phases (α-Al + Si). In addition, the transformation from Al6(Fe,Cu) to Al7Cu2Fe phase occurs during the homogenization. With the increasing of the homogenization temperature, more Al7Cu2Fe phase forms, while the amount of Al6(Fe,Cu) phase gradually declines.
Authors: Jin Tao Li, Guang Ming Xu, Jian Zhong Cui
Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic field on microstructure of roll-casting 5052 aluminum alloy sheet has been investigated and analyzed. The results indicate that imposing static magnetic field can refine the grains of 5052 aluminum alloy during the roll-casting; accordingly, imposing static magnetic field and alternating current at the same time, the grains are remarkably refined and equiaxed due to electromagnetic oscillation effect.
Authors: You Qi Wang, Bing Tan, Bing Ma, Zhi Hua Ma
Abstract: The numerical simulation of the fillet-welded joint which is welded with the four kind of clamped methods by laser-MIG hybrid welding is researched by the SYSWELD software. The results of the numerical simulation are compared with the results of the experienced welding. The results of research show: The joint of the laser-MIG hybrid welding was simulated well by the SYSWELD software. The simulating result is deviated 10% from the result of the actual deformation. The laser-MIG hybrid welding deformation of the aluminum structure is least when the holding position is in the near weld zone and the clamps are unloaded near the room temperature.
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