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Authors: Richard H. Howell, P.A. Sterne, F. Solal, Michael J. Fluss, J. Tobin, J. O'Brien, H.B. Radousky, H. Haghighi, J.H. Kaiser, S.L. Rayner, R.N. West, J.Z. Liu, R. Shelton, C.G. Olsen, C. Gu, Koichi Kitazawa, Hiroko Kojima
Authors: R.N. West
Authors: Allen P. Mills
Authors: Alec T. Stewart
Authors: Richard H. Howell, C. Berger, F. Solal, Y. Calvayrac, P.E.A. Turchi
Authors: Hubert Ceeh, Ralf Engels, Christian Wesolek, Josef Andreas Weber, Christoph Hugenschmidt
Abstract: We report on an assessment of the position resolving Hamamatsu-R3292 series photo-multiplier tubes with respect to their use for Angular Correlation of Annihilation Radiation (2D-ACAR) spectroscopy. The PMTs were coupled with a segmented scintillator and mounted at the Munich 2D-ACAR spectrometer. A series of measurements were performed in order to determine the energy and position resolution as well as the efficiency of the setup. Although a position resolution of ΔxFWHM=1.98 mm was achieved, further improvements are needed.
Authors: V. Sundararajan, D.G. Kanhere, R.M. Singru
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