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Authors: M. Mahardika, Kimiyuki Mitsui, Zahari Taha
Abstract: The mechanism of fracture in micro-electrical discharge machining (-EDM) processes is related to the discharge pulses energy. This paper investigates the correlation of fractures and discharge pulses energy in the -EDM of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) to the acoustic emission (AE) signals. The evaluation of fracture mechanism was done by measuring the generation and propagation of elastic wave in single discharge pulse by using AE sensor. The results show a strong correlation between fractures and discharge pulses energy to the AE signals and mechanism of material removal in the -EDM processes.
Authors: Yang Yu, Yang Yu
Abstract: This paper studies the cylindrical acoustic emission signal generation, propagation and attenuation. Acoustic emission signal is a form of elastic waves and mechanical waves also. The large finite element physics simulation software COMSOL is used to simulate the propagation of acoustic emission signals coursed by the oil tank bottom corrosion. Simulation is divided into two parts,they are separately two-dimensional simulation and three-dimensional simulation. The bottom part of oil tank is two-dimensional simulation and the entire tank is three-dimensional simulation. Two-dimensional simulation is achieved in different situations. Strength of point source are the same in different positions, and the same point source position has different intensity. Acoustic emission wave propagation has a greater relationship with the media of dissemination, the point source position and the different interfaces.
Authors: Gui Jie Liu, Qiang Wang, Ren Ke Kang
Abstract: A processing method based on wavelet transform for the monitoring signals of grinding wheel dull is presented. The noise-falling method based on wavelet transform is used to process AE signals, grinding force signals and the electric current signals of main axis motor produced in grinding process, and the processing results can be used to identify grinding wheel state. Test result indicates that the grinding wheel state can be identified exactly by these three kinds of signal characteristics, and have higher identified precision.
Authors: Ke Huang, Zhi Kang Bu, Chi Zhang, Heng Lian Xie
Abstract: After experimental verification, in terms of low-speed bearing fault diagnosis, the acoustic emission method is superior to the traditional vibration method. In order to further the study of the correlation between AE signals and the bearing state, this article refers to the bearing condition monitoring system, and gives detailed parts models, the acoustic emission acquisition system, which provides help for further researches.
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