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Authors: Chao Li, Lan Xiong Hu, Chao Chao Wang
Abstract: Current climbing appliances are difficult to ensure the steady change from walking to climbing. Consequently, we come up with a climbing mechanical appliance, design it and analyze the appliance on rationality and feasibility. The appliance is lifted by rack and pinion mechanism. In order to ensure smooth and steady movement of the appliance, a counterweight balancing mechanism is designed to adjust the centroid according to actual situation. Through the movement principle analysis of transmission mechanism for the appliance, we build its 3D model by SolidWorks. A simulation analysis has also been provided to examine the feasibility of transmission mechanism under the help of ADAMS.
Authors: Zhi Lan, Zhen Liang Li, Ya Li
Abstract: A novel 5-DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot, which can implement single joint and multi-joint complex motions and provide activities of daily living (ADL) training for hemiplegic patients, was presented. The solutions of the robot’s kinematics equation were set up by the method of D-H according to the 5-DOF rehabilitation robot for upper limb. Based on the software of ADAMS, the mechanism was simulated and analyzed. Thus the movement of robot is determinate in a certain condition of importation. It offered important data for the trajectory planning and the actual intellective control of rehabilitating robot.
Authors: S.Q. Huang, Y.M. Han, Yu Dong Wang
Abstract: The features of a newly developed multi-dimension squeezed penetration piling machine are presented in this paper. The simulation model is built and the squeezing mechanism is tested under simulation environment. With the simulation method key design parameters are predicted at the early design stage; the development cycle can be shortened; and the product quality can be improved.
Authors: Yuan Zhang, Jian Wang, Yan Song, Li Li Sun
Abstract: The new type of three jaw docking mechanism is designed for use in orbiting spacecraft, the mathematical model is given and its working characteristics are analyzed. By establishing the mathematical model of the interaction of the parts under the different coordinate system, it is obtained that the corresponding kinematic characteristics; contact collision dynamics model is established by using the Hertz model theory, dynamic equation is established by Newton-Euler method, and simulation analysis are carried out by using the dynamics simulation software ADAMS, through the simulation analysis of three groups with different initial conditions, the results show that it achieve reliable grasp with good performance, it provides the lock claw curve in contact collision force and movement characteristics curve. These curves provide reference to improve the performance of docking mechanism.
Authors: Jun Sun, Jun Qing Chen, Ling Lu, Peng Huang
Abstract: This thesis studies how reinforced steel completes digital length design after being straightened.In general,the analysis of kinematic and dynamic to reinforced steel does not be considered the role of the flexible components in institutional kinematic. The program regards reinforced steel as a flexible body and sees friction wheel as rigid body. The contact between friction wheel and steel is the rigid-flexible coupling[3].With the simulation analysis in ADAMS,I research the problem that reinforced steel produces the slide or not in different speed and contact friction coefficient, in order to determine the design and operating parameters of the cut-to-length body and ensure the accuracy. The result has a good engineering significance in the design of the length structure optimization and operating parameters [4].
Authors: Ji Man Luo, Zhi Hui Xing, Yang Jiang, Wen Zhao Wang, Xiao Tong Zhang
Abstract: The purpose of this research work is to find the relationship between the movement and force (torque) of 3-TPS/TP parallel robot, the Lagrange method is adopted to establish the dynamics model, and the results of the simulation by ADAMS are given in this paper. The curve is about the change of force come from every joint of active chains with time. It provides a lot of data for further reference to choose the drive device.
Authors: Jin Li Xu, Ting Yan
Abstract: This paper takes spiral bevel gear installation planes of a main reducer in a rear axle of a certain car as the research object, using ug to establish three-dimensional model of the main reducer assembly, applies adams simulation and the quantitative and qualitative method to analyze the effect law of the spiral bevel gear installation flatness error on gear mesh vibration, obtains the reasonable area of gear installation flatness error , it provides the reference for parameter design and installation of the spiral bevel gear in the main reducer.
Authors: Zhi Yong Tang, Hai Xiao Zhong, Zhong Cai Pei, Yan Hao Bu
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a mechanical structure for multi-legged robot. Referring the request of control system, we also made a proper choice on driving means. After dynamics analysis on a single leg of the robot, we make a simulation using ADAMS and get how the torque of each joint is changing when the robot is walking. The model of DC motor is established for the control system. Fuzzy PID controller was used to get real-time response and high accuracy of control system.
Authors: Hong Chuan Deng, Yu Zhang, Hai Sheng Qian
Abstract: The swash plate axial piston pump is a main part in liquid press system.It is a positive displacement pump which rely on the change of the plunger cavity content to realize oil absorption or discharge of oil by the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the plunger cavity. Plunger, the slippery boots, oil pan, cylinder body are important parts of the swash plate axial piston pump. Sliding boots is one of commonly used by high-pressure plunger pump form, it can meet the needs of the high pressure high speed;the oil distribution plate and cylinder directly affect of the pump efficiency and life span[1]. Because the swash plate axial piston pump has the advantages of compact structure, fewer parts, good manufacture ability, low cost, small volume, light weight, than the radial pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy to realize step less variable and convenient maintenance, it has been widely used in the industrial production.
Authors: Lei Wang, Yu Yun Kang
Abstract: Firstly, the industrial manipulators 3D model is built by using 3D software. Secondly, the 3D model is imported to the dynamic simulation software ADAMS, and the corresponding constraints and motions are added to the model according to the actual design requirements. Finally, the movement simulation is implemented and the displacement, velocity and acceleration curves of each direction for the end position and mid-position are given. The simulation results show the correctness and feasibility of the industrial manipulators 3D model. Therefore, this can provide a certain referencing value for designing industrial manipulator.
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