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Authors: U. Koch, T. Pfannenmüller, V. Davydov, I.N. Fridlyander, P.J. Winkler
Authors: A.K. Hopkins, K.V. Jata, R.J. Rioja
Authors: Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima
Abstract: Phase transformations in laser processed metallic materials usually occur under very high temperature gradients and during a short time. Therefore, laser materials processing has been usually associated to high heating and cooling rates. However, before understanding the temperature evolution of the target, the absorptivity and the optical penetration must be considered. This paper presents some conjectures about the how the metal absorbs the laser radiation and how rapid phase transformations take place. It would be proposed that the interface response functions could be a possible way to understand phase transformations from liquid or high temperature solid solution conditions. Finally, it will be presented some results about laser processed materials of aerospace interest: steels, titanium and aluminium, which will illustrate the practical applications of the theories.
Authors: K.V. Jata, A.K. Hopkins, R.J. Rioja
Authors: A.A. Csontos, Brian M. Gable, A. Gaber, E.A. Jr. Starke
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