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Authors: Te Yen Huang, Shi Jie Weng, Shao Yu Hsu
Abstract: When the partially porous aerostatic thrust bearing and the journal bearings of an aerostatic spindle in a vertical milling machine are subjected to cutting load and gravitational force, the thicknesses of gaps between the thrust plate and the spindle flange will change. This study applied CFD software to analyze the effect of variations of gap thickness and rotating speed on the pressure in the gaps of the bearings and the stiffness of the spindle. The results revealed that, when the thrust plate and the spindle flange were pushed back and forth by external loading, the pressure in the gap between the spindle flange and the thrust plate was affected significantly. The pressure in the gap between the spindle and the journal bearing was slightly affected. When the spindle rotated faster, the pressure on the surface of spindle became higher and the stiffness of spindle was increased.
Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu, C.H. An, Jiu Wei Sun, Sheng Fei Wang
Abstract: Ultra-precision flying cutting machining with a vertical milling style is an important means of ultra-precision machining. It has a close relationship between the machining accuracy and the dynamic characteristics of the aerostatic spindle. The film force acting on the spindle rotor is related to the manufacture, installation and static unbalance or dynamic imbalance or other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the dynamic pressure force caused by these factors in order to study on the rotor posture and quantitative movement of the spindle. This article derived the solution formula for the dynamic pressure reaction force of the ultra-precision machine tool spindle with vertical static film based on the basic theory of the rigid body dynamics. The gyroscopic torque of the spindle has been analyzed under different conditions with the spindle dynamic balancing tests, which provide a reference to the further analysis of the spindle dynamic characteristics.
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