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Authors: Can Can Zhao, Xiao Dong Zhang, Shao Juan Lei, Jun Jiang Qiu
Abstract: Supply chain simulation is a fundamental approach for supply chain prediction, management, evaluation, and improvement. In order to simulate member behavior, organizational strategy, and management strategy of the supply chain, an agent-based modeling and simulation approach on multi-stage supply chain operation was proposed in this paper. First, the model structure of multi-stage supply chain operation was introduced. Then, the individual agent behavior model was emphatically studied, and hierarchical colored Petri-nets were used to describe the agent behavior process and cooperative behavior process. Finally, the model was validated using a series of simulation which focused on the agent inventory strategy.
Authors: Ze Hao Hu, Wei Wei, Juan Liu, Kun Liu
Abstract: The data of process parameters and quality index from CAE simulation orthogonal test is used as training samples, the BP neural network is trained and the neural networks ensemble approximate calculation agent model of the relations between processing parameters and the quality index of product are obtained. The agent model with a clear mathematical formula calculates quickly and accurately, so it can optimize globally by the genetic algorithm. The best group of process parameters is obtained and a multi-objective optimization of the quality index of products is realized.
Authors: Ze Hao Hu, Wei Wei, Juan Liu, Kun Liu
Abstract: In this paper, the numerical simulation and calculation of injection molding process are taken in the Moldflow software. The BP artificial neural network combining with the orthogonal experiment design method is used to set up the injection molding process agent model, genetic algorithms are applied to realize global optimization, finally, the optimal combination of process parameters of each quality indicators is obtained.
Authors: Feng Chan Wang, You Chao Sun, Chen Yang Zhao
Abstract: Overall scheme for large-aircraft Intelligence Virtual Maintenance Training System (IVMTS) information model which integrates the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (STEP) standard geometric model with agent model is presented in this paper. Firstly, the system multi-agent model architecture are constructed. Secondly, Integrated STEP standard geometric model with agent model and maintenance applying information, the maintenance object agent IP(intelligence part) ,IB(intelligence body) and IT(intelligence tool) are constructed utilizing the EPRESS-G language. Thirdly, the communication method between components and system level agents is presented based on Blackboard model each other. Finally, how to realize the model under catia-caa secondary development method is described, and the intelligence maintenance process simulation, maintenance of the elements of the intelligent interaction, intelligence collision detection and maintenance sequence optimization simulation can be realized in this method in IVMTS.
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