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Authors: U. Koch, T. Pfannenmüller, V. Davydov, I.N. Fridlyander, P.J. Winkler
Authors: William A. Cassada, Gary J. Shiflet
Abstract: Different levels of compression plane strain were applied to third generation aluminum alloys to simulate rolling-type deformation following solution heat treatment. The aluminum alloys utilized were extruded production samples provided by Alcoa in a solution heat treated condition (T4). The alloys included in this study are AA2099-T4 containing 1.78 wt% lithium, and AA2055-T4 containing 1.13 wt% lithium and an additional component of 0.45 wt% silver. Following plane strain compression, the samples were isothermally heat treated at 155 °C for times up to about 7 days. Data presented include hardening behavior values and various electron microscopy techniques using conventional TEM to document subsequent precipitate sequence distributions and general kinetics.
Authors: Boris Ovsyannikov, Olga Chikova, Pavel Reznik
Abstract: The influence of Al-Mg-Sc ingots and Al-Cu-Li semi-finished products heat treatment modes on structure, phase composition, and crystal structure was studied. Based on EBSD and EDS data, the difference of the sample microstructures was detected and the most favorable annealing mode for further deformation was presumed.
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