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Authors: Hee Sung Yoon, Young Sun Kim, Yool Kwon Oh
Abstract: In this study, numerical analysis applying the finite element method (FEM) was used to investigate the effect of heat flux and temperature on thermal strain of aluminum alloy casting mold. For numerical analysis, analysis model was considered the effect of shrinkage, rapid temperature variation on the casting mold and was applied the temperature calibration to reduce the deformation and stress by temperature difference of inside and outside the mold during the cooling process. In detail, temperature, deformation and stress distributions occurred inside of casting mold predicted by numerical method and then investigated the correlations between the heat flux and temperature variation during the cooling process. As a result, aluminum alloy casting mold is occurred deformation and stress because of rapid temperature difference in the initial of cooling, but it can be reduced the thermal strain through the heat flux control and temperature calibration. Accordingly, the technique of this numerical study will be helped to make the effective and the good quality of casting mold products.
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