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Authors: Michał Jabłoński, Tadeusz Knych, Beata Smyrak
Abstract: Eight hypoeutectic aluminium alloys with iron content within the range of 0.07-1.09% by weight, were examined. The structure, the mechanical and electrical properties of wires used for electrical purposes were studied. The batch material for the drawing process was wire rod obtained from the continuous casting and rolling line by Continuus-Properzi method. It has shown a linear relationship between mechanical properties of wire rod, a higher plasticity of wire after drawing process and an increase in thermal resistance of the material with increasing iron content. The findings enable to draw conclusions of basic and application characteristics, pointing to the possibility of using aluminium with higher iron content in the wire drawing process of small diameter and microwires for the production of automotive bundles, accumulator cables and winding wires.
Authors: Tadeusz Knych, Piotr Uliasz, Marzena Piwowarska
Abstract: New technologies of the production of the aluminium charge assigned for drawing, including the tests on the process of continuous casting (CC). This type of technology, which includes the casting of copper and zinc, is widely spread in the world (trademarks: Upcast, Rautomead and Vertic). Yet, there is a lack of experience in the production and reproduction of the cast wires made of aluminium and its alloys assigned for electrical purposes. That is why the authors of the work aimed at investigating the casting process of the aluminium wires obtained with the technology of continuous casting.
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