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Authors: Tadeusz Knych, Piotr Uliasz, Marzena Piwowarska
Abstract: New technologies of the production of the aluminium charge assigned for drawing, including the tests on the process of continuous casting (CC). This type of technology, which includes the casting of copper and zinc, is widely spread in the world (trademarks: Upcast, Rautomead and Vertic). Yet, there is a lack of experience in the production and reproduction of the cast wires made of aluminium and its alloys assigned for electrical purposes. That is why the authors of the work aimed at investigating the casting process of the aluminium wires obtained with the technology of continuous casting.
Authors: Kuen Ming Shu, Hung Rung Shih
Abstract: There are several types of welding method to join metal and ceramic. This paper gives a description of an experimental study of the ultrasonic welding of aluminum wire and silicon wafer under the conditions of the frequency of ultrasonic vibration f = 38000Hz, the applied duration T=0.2-1.5 sec, and the welding force Ps =40-140 gf. In this study, vacuum deposition was first applied to deposit surface modification aluminum on silicon wafer, then ultrasonic welding processes were investigated to join aluminum wire and modified silicon wafer. Based on the results of the microstructure observation and tensile test, it is believed that the joining ability can be improved under optimum welding condition.
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