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Authors: Yves Limoge, Alain Barbu
Abstract: In this conference we try to give a survey of the main characteristics of aging of oxides under irradiation in the perspective of the recent developments of the ab-initio modeling capabilities. After a brief recall of the relevant radiation – matter interactions, we present the main aspects of materials aging under irradiation, I) defect creation either elastically or inelastically, ii) microstructure evolution due to defect elimination, iii) radiation enhanced diffusion, iv) phase changes under irradiation.
Authors: A.N. Streletskii, Alexandr V. Leonov, I.V. Beresteskaya, S.N. Mudretsova, A.F. Majorova, P.Ju. Butyagin
Authors: M. Taniwaki, M. Yanaba, Toshimasa Yoshiie, Yasunori Hayashi
Authors: Q.M. Yang, Y.Q. Lei, J. Wu, Q.D. Wang, G.L. Lu, L.S. Chen
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