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Authors: Annett Schmieder, Thorsten Heinze, Markus Michael
Abstract: Until the present days, in discontinuous conveyor systems, e.g. cranes and elevators, steel wire ropes and steel chains are the exclusively used tension members. Nevertheless, these tension members are exhibiting essential disadvantages, e.g. high dead weight, low bending flexure and high susceptibility to corrosion. For fulfilling the steadily increasing requirements especially in running ropes, alternative tension members have to be developed and approved concerning their series-production readiness by utilization of new technologies and new materials. High-strength fiber ropes are demonstrating promising mechanical properties, regarding tensile strength, vibration behavior and bending fatigue life. Still, the application of such high-strength fiber ropes is limited, due to unavailable systematic investigations and insufficient guidelines for dimensioning and processes for determination of discard criteria. With the help of new technologies and procedures, e.g. multi-zone cyclic bend-over-sheave (CBOS) test machinery and computer-assisted tomography, new knowledge concerning the wear behavior of fiber ropes is to be gained and new discard criteria are to be developed.
Authors: Hua Fen Sun, Ke Peng Hou
Abstract: The traditional analysis of slope deformation is only paying attention to the study of slope displacement velocity, while ignoring the displacement direction. therefore, this paper is proposed to use the 3Ddisplacement vector analysis method to analyze the data of the slope deformation monitoring. Take in Yunnan open-pit mine as an example, Using MATLAB software, draw the slope deformation 3Ddisplacement vector field graph, through the analysis of the characteristics of 3Ddisplacement vector field, it is shown that 3D displacement vector field can directly, accurately show the whole deformation of the slope, we can judge the deformation mode stability state of the slope and slope. this method can provide a reference for similar projects.
Authors: Tong Gang Liu, Jian Wu, Cong Xia, Zi Hang Qian
Abstract: A novel ferrofluid-based microvalve adopting an electromagnetic actuation is presented. In the device, ferrofluid controlled by magnetic force is used as a microactuator. The deflection of the diaphragm caused by the ferrofluid-based actuator opens or closes the fluid flow in the microchannel. A detailed description of the design and working principle of the microvalve is presented. The driving force generated by the ferrofluid under applied magnetic field has been measured by a microforce sensor. And the deflection of the diaphragm has been simulated by ANSYS software.
Authors: Yu Cheng Chou, Wei Chich Liao, Yan Liang Chen
Abstract: This paper presents a prototype C-based multi-agent system, called Sensor Agent Cloud (SAC), for multi-level based environmental and physiological signal monitoring and analysis. The SAC has a four-layered system architecture including the user interface layer, regulation layer, sensor agent group layer and sensor node layer. Two ultra-compact PC-based sensor nodes are prototyped by individually integrating a fully functional ultra-compact computer with two kinds of embedded systems. Proof-of-concept examples on sensor node data retrieval are used to illustrate and validate the low-level operations for SAC administrators through C/C++ mobile agents as well as the high-level operations for SAC end-users through Google Cloud services.
Authors: Elena Bosikova, Marina Polyakova, Gennadiy Rubin
Abstract: Standardization is the activity of normalizing norms and rules which are in general obligatory for products, services and methods of measurement, control and testing. One of the main demands to the methods of analysis is to ensure a certain level of accuracy. Requirements for the analysis sequence and the accuracy of the measurement data are the result of a compromise between the consumer and the supplier of the analysis. It is suggested to use functional-target analysis in order to determine the relations between the properties and functions of the object. On the example of X-ray fluorescence analysis it is shown that it is possible to formulate the functions of the researched object and analyze the properties which are necessary to put these functions into practice. It allows for determining such indicators of the analytical method that can be assessed quantitatively. Such approach can be used to construct mathematical models to estimate the degree of accuracy required for solving specific problems of consumers of precise measurement information.
Authors: Ye Li, Bing Lu
Abstract: Aiming at improving the disvantage of single attribute analysis in rough set, the problem of combined attributes analysis is researched in this paper. The single attribute ayalysis only consider the effect of the factor itself on the decison-making but neglect the interaction between multy-attributes influencing the results of the decision-making. So a new combined attributes weighting is presented in this paper.On this basis,a novel analysis method of combined attributes in rough set is proposed. The experiment and theory analysis shows that the new approch is feasible. In addition,it can mine the latent effect on decision making of combined attribute and make up for the shortage brought by single attribute analysis .
Authors: A. B. M. Helal Uddin, Mohamed Alaama, Abdualrahman Mohammed Abdualkader, Mohamed B. Awang, Qamar Uddin Ahmed, Syed A. Abbas
Abstract: Gliclazide is a second generation sulfonylurea, which is used as antidiabetics drug. It is orally administrated and used for the treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and has duration of action of 12 h or more. Beside its hypoglycaemic effects, gliclazide was reported to have many other important effects, such as: suppression of platelet functions, antithrombotic actions, decreased the production of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) α by endothelial cells and other effects. The unique activities of gliclazide has open a new avenue for the drug development research. This work is aimed to provide comprehensive information about gliclazide and its current research activities.
Authors: Tomáš Stejskal, Stefan Valencik, Ján Kmec, Daniel Kucerka, Luba Bicejova
Abstract: The article deals with a special analysis of a random vibration signal received from working process. In principle, only time intervals between random phenomena whose summit values exceed the given limit are measured. Theoretically, phenomena stochastic distribution approximates to exponential distribution. The chart analysis of real distribution reveals characteristic features which help to recognize various technical states.
Authors: Guo Rong Wang, Ke Feng Wang, Nan Wang
Abstract: With the advancement of market economy and industrialization & urbanization, the urban agglomeration of China has been gradually formed and rapidly developed. The establishment of Lanzhou-centered Circum-Lanzhou Urban Agglomeration covering the 4 surrounded cities will actively promote the overall development of Lanzhou to play the important role in supporting economic development of northwest region and Gansu Pronvince. This paper has made detailed analysis on strength & weakness of interior environment and opportunity & threat of external environment of Circum-Lanzhou Urban Agglomeration by means of the latest international application--SWOT Model at present; therefore, it is possible to recognize the strength, overcome the weakness, seize the opportunity and strive for development, based on which this paper has put forward the thought and suggestions for overall plan of Circum-Lanzhou Urban Agglomeration development.
Authors: Tian Lin Cui, Jing Kun Pi, Yong Hui Liu, Zhen Hua He
Abstract: In order to optimize the design of flexible pressurized anchor, this paper gives a further analysis on structural features of the new type of flexible pressurized anchor and carries out a contact analysis on anchor system by using the finite element method. It calculates as well as researches the contact stress relation of interactional anchor rod and surrounding rock under the circumstance of anchoring, obtaining the law of all major design parameters of anchor rod structure and pressure from surrounding rock influencing the anchoring performance and arriving at the conclusion that the anchor rod is adapted to various conditions of surrounding rock. They not only serve as important references for optimized design and application of anchor rod, but also provide a basis for the experiment of new type of anchor rod.
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