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Authors: Wei Tong
Abstract: A new mathematical formulation is presented for describing the three-dimensional anisotropic plastic flow behavior of a heterogeneous polycrystalline solid. By using three principal stresses, three loading orientation angles, and a generally non-quadratic, real-valued stress exponent, a mathematical theory of anisotropic plasticity is formulated as two coupled orthogonal series expansions in both the 3D principal stress space (the p–plane) and the 3D loading orientation space. A geometrical interpretation of the new mathematical representation of anisotropic plasticity is offered. Specific examples are given to illustrate the application of the proposed theory for modeling the plastic anisotropy of orthotropic polycrystalline sheets under uniaxial and biaxial tension.
Authors: Abel Cherouat, N. Belamri, Khemais Saanouni, P. Autesserre
Abstract: This work deals with the numerical simulation of 3D guillotining of sheet metal using anisotropic elastoplastic model accounting for non-linear isotropic and kinematic hardening fully coupled with isotropic ductile damage and initial residual stresses. Both theoretical and numerical aspects are presented. A 3D finite element model is developed for the numerical simulation of the study state guillotining process. An explicit dynamic resolution strategy is used to solve the associated initial and boundary value problem. Results from the simulation of the guillotining process are given and the influence of residual stresses is investigated.
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