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Authors: You Tang Li, Ping Ma, Chang Feng Yan
Abstract: The anti-fatigued design is an important field in product lifecycle management. A uniform criterion of annularly breached spindle was put forward in this paper. The crack, V-notch, U-notch and arc were described as breach uniformly according to the tip radius, depth and field angle of breach in the method. The connection between sharp V-notch and crack, between V-notch and U-notch has been set up. We fuse the fatigue fracture theory and life prediction techniques together on the design technology of lifecycle safety guarantee of mechanical structures. The relationship between life and detectability of the breached spindle system was discussed to provide useful guidance for practical applications. The criterion for the safety design and fracture design both of which on fα was obtained. The criterion of annular breached spindle under torsion was obtained at first and then the effects of bending to lifecycle of spindle were analyzed.
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