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Authors: Yan Ping Feng, Wei Guo Li, Li Bing Yang, Yan Li Gao, Wen Bin Li
Abstract: 3D laser scanning system is to use laser ranging principle to record intensively the 3D coordinates, reflectivity and texture information on the surface of the target object. It makes a real record of the three-dimensional space, which makes traditional measurement be released from the limit that couldn’t be exceeded in the past, and let the measurement precision up to a new level. At the same time, it has provided extensive researches with better help than ever. This paper mainly discusses the characteristics, working principle, application and future development of the ground 3 dimensional laser scanner.
Authors: Xiu Chun Wang, Jun Wei, Xi Bin Yi, Jing Zhang, Kai Shang, Qian Wang
Abstract: According to different printing materials, this paper has classified the types of 3D printers, discussed the characteristics and suitable material and application of various types of 3D printing technology, and put forward the future direction. Fund: Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (ZR2010EL015)
Authors: Jian Guo Xu, Jun Dong, Hao Zhang, Yu Jie Pei, Xian Feng Li
Abstract: Improve power quality problems, the company introduced the "tag through 66kV Static dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC)", which means water cooling valve parts, using the international advanced technology and light control thyristor, the real control cabinet and valve all-fiber connections between groups, no valve trigger circuit boards, etc., to ensure safe and reliable high-pressure environment. Light control while protecting 66kV more stable water-cooled manifold, also designed the various protection functions. Reactive power compensation device based on electrical design principle, the protection of the valve design principles, summarized the valve characteristic is a light-controlled thyristor trigger and pulse trigger laser fiber distribution device as one of the valve, the valve overcurrent analysis protection, undervoltage protection, return status display, RC protection, BOD protection, protection and cooling system valve structural protection, light control demonstrates the necessity of 66kV water cooling valve protection; through the reactive power compensation and benefits case situation the comparative analysis to verify the correctness of the application of SVC devices.
Authors: Man Rong Su, Fu Chuan Huang, Xing Zhong Tang, Min Xing Lan, You Cheng Xiao, Hui Liang, Sheng Li
Abstract: In this paper, through the study of the marine conditions of structural facilities applications, in order to reduce the corrosion of marine structural facilities, Asked the neural network algorithm combined genetic algorithm to determine the components of the coating to the development of composite scales heavy anti-corrosion coatings, it has interpenetrating polymer network structure (IPN). Experimental results show that the composite scales heavy anti-paint adhesion, excellent corrosion protection, easy to use marine engineering, field operating conditions used, and its sources of raw materials widely,modulation process is simple, easy to mass production and application, can be reduced to some extent marine the cost of structural facilities for anti-corrosion.
Authors: Feng Xing, Xiang Yong Guo, Fa Guang Leng, Ren Yu Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, the main characteristic of definition, property, requirement of raw material, mix proportion design and performance improvement of high volume fly ash concrete (for short HVFAC) are summarized. The applications of HVFAC in dam, highway, building and port are introduced. The research results have shown that HVFAC have outstanding properties of physical mechanics, but some problems need to be further studied. It is believed that an operable strict corresponding technical criterion would be set down as soon as possible for engineering practice.
Authors: Tian Tai Li, Ming Zhang, Han Lin Zhang, Li Ping Tang
Abstract: Because of the inclination of borehole, there is a significant difference about the borehole stability between deflecting and vertical well. Borehole stability has a relationship with not only trajectory of well, including deviation angle and azimuth, but also azimuth of earth stress. This paper will start from stress field of wall of borehole to study borehole stability in inclined well. And with suitable destruction model of wall of borehole, the reasonable dynamic model and determine the safe mud density of deflecting well can be obtained exactly. The new model is used so as to calculate and determine the safe range of mud density in penetration and round-trip operations.
Authors: He Tang Wang, De Ming Wang, Wan Xing Ren
Abstract: In order to overcvome the shortage of current dust control technology in coal mine, especially the traditional water spray method, a two-phase foam materials preparation experimental system was established based on the simulation of water and air conditions in underground coal mine. And a new technique which can prepare high-performance foam was proposed, and the main technical parameters and application conditions to implement foam dedusting were determined through plenty of experimental. Then, the new technique had been applied in two large underground coal mine. The results show that its dedusting efficiency to total dust and respirable dust reached 90.5% and 85.4% in the fully-mechanized excavated face, as 1.97 times and 1.88 times higher than water spray respectively. However, its water consumption is only as 10% to 20% as conventional water spray. It is proved that this new technique for preparation of foam can reduce mine dust concentration remarkably and improved the working environment obviously, and has a broad application prospect and promotion value to control dust in underground coal mines and other related industry.
Authors: Jun Xu Liu
Abstract: According to coal-fired power plant’s granulated powder preparation,storage and delivery processes, the existing problems of feed valves in the actual useing environment and job conditions.It was introduced to the principle about a new type of the feed valve,the form of structure and practical application.
Authors: Bo Wang, Yu Wang, Jin Lin Huang
Abstract: The Pig is an important tool during the process of oil-gas pipeline’s production, replacement, daily operation and management. Its outer diameter is 2% to 5% larger than the inner diameter of pipelines. It stays a clamping state in the pipelines. The fluid pressure difference before and after the Pig push it from the beginning to the end of the pipelines in order to clear all kinds of impurities in the pipelines and detect the internal and external wall corrosion status of the pipelines or achieve other goals. But during the cleaning-up operation, it is difficult for the Pig to get in and out of the pipelines because of its heavy weight. So a Pig and Pigging ball handling trolley is designed in this paper to push and pull the Pig or Pigging ball to get in and out of the Pig launcher & receiver device. This handling trolley will mechanize the Pigging operations, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency.
Authors: Zhi Cheng Huang
Abstract: A new wet-type dust removal and desulfuration equipment can be used in ceramic industry for spray drying tower. It adopts four ways and seven grades remove dust. A pair of tubes are erected inside and outside its structure; it has self- clean system, and it can keep the ability of dust removal for a long time. Practice has proved that this equipment has the advantages of low cost, easy maintenance, high efficiency and can be secondary desulfurization, it has great practical significance.
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