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Authors: Ming Bo Yang, Fu Sheng Pan, Jing Zhang, Jin Zhang
Abstract: The current status of research and application in the AZ(Mg-Al-Zn), AS(Mg-Al-Si), AE(Mg-Al-RE), AX(Mg-Al-Ca), ACM or MRI(Mg-Al-Ca-RE)and AJ(Mg-Al-Sr)series elevated temperature magnesium alloys are reviewed, will special attention paid to the effects of alloying elements and the control of second phases. The existing problems on the development of elevated temperature magnesium alloys are discussed.
Authors: Shu Nü An, Hong Xin Wang
Abstract: An analytic design method on an approximately equal velocity ratio transmission mechanism is presented. The mathematical principle is that a compound function produced by two basic functions, let its one order differential is equal to an assigned constant on the special point, and then two to three order derivatives of the compound function are all zeroes, thus one algebraic equation is got, its solution defines the mechanism dimensions. This a principle not only sets up a new design method on approximately equal velocity ratio mechanisms but approximately equal velocity is independently designed. A design example shows that this method is simpler and transmission characteristics are better than optimization method.
Authors: Olena Yevtushenko
Abstract: The problem of software creation for the analysis of transient temperature field in cold rolling of metals is under consideration. Firstly, the mathematical model of the process of heating the strip and rolls at cold rolling it is proposed. This model assumes that the generation of heat during the rolling takes place due to friction on the contact surface of the rolls and the strip as well as plastic deformation of the strip material. Next, some fragments of created application for the purpose of an overall numerical analysis of heat partition ratio between the rolls and a strip as well as the temperature in any point of these elements are presented.
Authors: Xu Guang Yang, Qi Hui Lin
Abstract: The rapid development and image processing technique to the computer is updated day by day, which lead the decorating pattern design to extend into the computer aided design from the original manual drawing.Decorative pattern is more huge miscellaneous from the contents with changeful graphics form, In this kind of advanced tool, with the help of computer of decorative pattern from figure element content changes to the graphics can carry on a processing and save in the form of digital data, can also make use of the computer to carry on the conventional image to it what processing technique falls through processing,thus form decorate pattern special manifestation and characteristics of the new era.
Authors: Yue Xi Zhou, Li Li Yang
Abstract: Color does not only embody the national culture, but also is an important factor on product design. Based on the purpose of increasing the factors of national culture on product design, this paper, both analyzes the benefits to introduce the Chinese tradition color cultural on product design, and how to extract its elements to product's color design. Through teaching and social practice, we have a new attempt on the practical application of the Chinese traditional color culture. By the analysis and experiments, showing that the introduction of the Chinese traditional color culture to product design is feasible.
Authors: Sakhiah Abdul Kudus, Norazura Muhamad Bunnori, Siti Ramziah Basri, Shahidan Shahiron, Mohd Nazli Md. Jamil, Md Noor Noorsuhada
Abstract: This paper presents the overview of aArtificial Neural Network (ANN) in the scope of civil engineering application. ANN is one of the artificial intelligence (AI) applications which are currently one of the effective methods used by engineers and researchers to solve technical problems in many scopes of engineering field. One of the explicit criteria of ANN is the ability of the network to deal with the incomplete data and have the capability of learning from experience. This network is also able to adapt to new and changing situation or environment.
Authors: Ying Huang, Ying Ming Chen
Abstract: Bacterial cellulose is a new pattern material produced by microorganism, because it has unique physical properties, chemical characteristics and mechanical properities, so it’s widely applied into food, biomedical, textile and many other kinds of industry. On the other side, because it’s a kind of pure natural biopolymer produced by microorganism, so the cellulose has biological activity, biodegradability and biocompatibility etc of excellent characteristics. It has been proved that bacterial cellulose is a biological environmental protection type material, so it becomes the hotspot of many researches and applications all over the world. This paper summarized the method of screening the cellulose-producing strain, how to make the bacterial cellulose yield increase, and the bacterial cellulose’s important applications in different industries.
Authors: Sumsun Naher, Dylan Orpen, Dermot Brabazon, Muhammad M. Morshed
Abstract: Microfluidics is a technology where application span the biomedical field and beyond. Single cell analysis, tissue engineering, capillary electrophoresis, cancer detection, and immunoassays are just some of the applications within the medical field where microfluidics have excelled. The development of microfluidic technology has lead to novel research into fuel cells, ink jet printing, microreactors and electronic component cooling areas as diverse as food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, medicine and biotechnology have benefited from these developments. Since laminar flow is prevailing at most flow regimes in the micro-scale, thorough mixing is a challenge within microfluidics. Therefore, understanding the flow fields on the micro-scale is key to the development of methods for successfully microfluidic mixing applications.
Authors: Na Song, Dan Chen, Ling Ling Luo, Jian Rong Chen
Abstract: In recent years, graphene has been increasingly studied due to its good performance, low prices and accessible materials in recent years. In addition, the scaled-up and reliable production of graphene derivatives provides a large range of opportunity to synthesize graphene-based functional materials for various applications. This paper summarizes the graphene-based composites in various fields of applications.
Authors: Jing Chen, Yong Jie Yang, Qing Gui Cao
Abstract: Author thinks that the three factors’ state of person, things, environment is decided by safety input, their different state meeting determined safe production. It can reduce accident by reducing three factors’ occurrence probability and changing safety investment object and quantity. According to the rule, the paper construct coal mine safety system dynamics causality diagram by using system dynamics theory from safety management angle, and made data quantitative analysis by non-linear regression, found out the function relationship that can reflect system elements dynamic change. At last, took one coal mine as an example, it made macroscopic analysis using the model.
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