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Authors: Xiao Cong He
Abstract: This study deals with an application of the method of the coefficient of variation in strength prediction of the self-piercing riveted joints. Defined as the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean, the coefficient of variation may be used in both the reliability-based design of self-piercing riveted joints and in the evaluation of existing products. In this study, the concept and definition of the coefficient of variation are stated. The procedure of the use of coefficient of variation for approximate calculations of strength of the self-piercing riveted joints is presented and compared with the classical Taylor expansion method. This is illustrated with a numerical example.
Authors: Ying Le Wei
Abstract: In the cement silos of a factory, decompression cone’s column have a lot of damage in the process of using, which occurred mainly in the form of vertical, crossing, horizontal cracks or partial crush, according to the scene of the accident situation. Therefore, we put forward a set of approximate calculation method, and find out that the main reason is the insufficiency of the bearing capacity in original design.
Authors: Yu Ji Chen
Abstract: The calculation of the fundamental frequency for the beam system structures is the important content in the dynamic design of the structure. This paper takes the basic unknown numbers of the displacement method to express the deformation of each member in the beam system structure. The calculation method of the fundamental frequency for beam system structures is got by the energy variational method. The method is very simply and could provide reference for the design of beam system structures.
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