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Authors: Kai Sheng Chen
Abstract: The influence of rainfall on slope stability problem that highway, railway,water conservancy and energy engineering production must consider and study, the rainfall is one of the major factors causing the soil slope failure。Establishing model test of red clay slope, rainfalling the model, the paper analyzing the moist frontal edge, power water pressure, slope displacement under the rainfall. The result has some reference value for fundamental mechanism of rainfall infiltration induced landslides in a red clay slope.
Authors: Gang Liu, Qiong Zhang, Shi Qing Zheng, Wen Nian Xu
Abstract: Runoff and soil losses from earthen hillside roads are a serious problem on the Loess Plateau in China. Indoor rainfall simulation was employed to investigate hydrodynamic characteristics of runoff water, and runoff-yielding and sediment-yielding processes on earth-road surfaces with different coverage degrees of herbaceous plants. The results indicated that on the road surfaces the Froude numbers and Reynolds Numbers of runoff fell into the category of supercritical flow of laminar flow and both of them decreased like the flow velocities and unit energy of water-carrying section with the coverage degrees of herbaceous plants increased. The Manning and Darcy-weisbach friction coefficients increased with the coverage degrees of herbaceous plants increased. On the earth-road surfaces with the different coverage degrees, runoff rates initially sharply increased and then stabilized with time and both following an offset hyperbola. With the coverage degrees increased, the infiltration rates of water into the earth roads gradually increased, but the runoff rates, sediment yield rates and sediment concentration all gradually decreased. The results revealed that on the earth-road surface herbaceous plants could play a favorable role in soil and water conservation and provided a theoretical basis for understanding the relations between herbaceous plants and soil erosion.
Authors: Ying Ma, He Hai Xie, Chun Li
Abstract: In order to study the features of Mountainous watershed runoff and erosion in karst region, , on the basis of design of experiment of the the big pore, slope runoff and erosion, artificial rainfall runoff experiment is made, by establishing artificial rainfall, slope runoff test plot. Large quantities of data were obtained through the artificial rainfall test. According to the experimental data, under different rainfall intensity, rainfall, under the pad surface and rainfall process, regularity of slope runoff and sediment yield in karst area is studied to provide data validation for the development of slope runoff and sediment yield model in karst region.
Authors: Yong Tao Gao, Xiao Hu
Abstract: In the interest of forecasting and alarming system of rainfall landslides, the Boji stones landslide of Three Gorges is taken into researching. On basis of the model, its epitomized model is formed to analyze the landslide mechanism and damage model by taking them into consideration: water-level fluctuation in reservoir, rainfall intensity, rainfall capacity and soil mass mechanical property, and decide current stability, predict its tendency and potential risks through applying the monitoring data and quantitative analysis. The research indicates that Boji stone landslide in flowing reservoir is in stability without any extra dynamic
Authors: Guo Zhong Wang, Ying Chao Tian, Jian Gang Qu, Jian Zhao Xu, Zhan Xin Liu, Dong Feng Yan
Abstract: By indoor artificial rainfall simulator and slope plot test, the regularity of runoff and sediment yield of five types top soil— timber forest, shrubby grassland, terrace, slope cropland and waste-grassland under six kinds of rainfall intensity were studied in Danjiangkou Reservoir on southwest mountains of Henan Province to provide a scientific basis for comprehensive control of regional soil and water loss, to ensure the safety of water quality in the reservoir. The conclusions were that: (1) Land use types had less influence on the runoff comparing to sediment yield. (2) Sediment yield had obvious power function relationship with the runoff amount. (3) Bed load took up majority in the sediment yield of farmland soil while the bed load almost equaled to the value of silt load in woodland soil.
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