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Authors: Arnold C. Vermeulen, Rob Delhez
Abstract: All methods of analyzing the broadening of XRD line profiles have to take into account two basic effects: broadening by the instrument - including the X-ray spectrum - and the characteristics of broadening by size effects and by lattice defects - including their interaction. These effects are handled in practice by a wide range of auxiliary assumptions. In this paper these assumptions and their quality with respect to "appropriateness of purpose" are listed and compared. By systematic ranking of these assumptions in accordance with their quality, a 2-dimensional map can be constructed that visualizes the differences in the quality of the assumptions. This 2-dimensional map brings a new viewpoint to the various methods for line profile analysis, because it enables a qualitative comparison of the assumptions of existing methods and new developments.
Authors: Quan Zheng, Dian Dong Shen
Abstract: Service area of Mount Wudang is located in the west of Hubei Province of Fuzhou-Yinchuan expressway. Though owning a large number of cultural and geographical resources, its functions and characteristics have not been fully developed because of some geographical reasons. This paper comprehensively analyzes the current overall status of the service area. Drawing on the advanced domestic and foreign management experience in construction of expressway service area and service demand of modern highway, this paper repositions the construction, operation, management and service of this service area and puts forward some reconstruction planning and assumptions with more regional characteristics and time demands.
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