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Authors: Jin Yu Qu, Yi Rui Zhang, Gui Xian Qu, Lin Liu
Abstract: In this paper the executive mechanism and electric-hydraulic control system for AMT automatic clutch were designed. A hydraulic cylinder was applied as the actuator. The hydraulic source with constant pressure using electric oil pump was designed. The basic idea lies in using pulse signal with variable duty cycle to drive high-speed solenoid valves in the process of regulating hydraulic circuits. Hydraulic oil drives the cylinder to realize the control of dry clutch. At last, the actuator was modeled and simulated based on AMESIM. From the analysis of the simulation results, the system mentioned in this paper can meet the performance requirements of AMT equipped with automatic clutch.
Authors: Ki Won Han, Wan Sik Ryu, Jae Wook Jeon, Hyeon Ki Choi, Hyun Soo Kim, Sung Ho Hwang
Abstract: Drivers are becoming more fatigued and uncomfortable as traffic densities increase, and so, can show slower reaction time. They then face the danger of traffic accidents due to their inability to cope with frequent shifting. To reduce this risk, some drivers prefer automatic transmissions to manual transmissions. However, automatic transmission requires both higher fuel consumptions and costs. For this reason, attention to automated manual transmission that can provide high efficiency, low cost and easy manufacturability has been increasing. In addition, the function and performance of the electronic control unit of automobiles has improved continually and rapidly with the growing electronics technology. The ECU is a representative embedded system in automobiles, which has to satisfy high performance and reliability under the constraints of size and cost. In this paper, the embedded system platform for automobiles is developed on the basis of MPC565, and a test rig is developed to perform the basic function test for automatic clutch actuation. The developed embedded system and clutch control algorithm are validated by the experimental results performed on the test rig.
Authors: Jian Hua Wang, Hao Xu, Fei Xie
Abstract: This paper proposed a new design scheme for automatic clutch of AMT which is based on electrorheological (ER) fluid. Through analyzing the working principle and its transfer characteristics of ER fluid, it discussed the start process of vehicle and control strategy of ER Clutch. By changing the control voltage, ER clutch satisfied the requirements of evaluation indexes such as start time and impact degree. The simulation results showed that the control strategy can realize starting rapidly and steadily which would meet the start requirements of economical automobiles
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