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Authors: Ning Xu, Han Neng Ren, Ying Jun Li
Abstract: The six-component force measurement and real-time force feedback is not only the basis of multi-equipment coordination of operational control and the force comply with the control, but also to develop the technical basis of the overloaded operators, equipment and other heavy equipment. This article designed a fastening device based on the swelling principle of surface friction, for the six-component force sensor with parallel axis rigid connection. Analysis the six-component force sensor measurement principle, study the blessing device dynamometer performance of six-component force sensor. Use the finite element software for modeling and simulation analysis of the structure. Design of the loading experiments, the experiments show that the fastening technology based on the principle of swelling of the surface friction, to solve the six-component force sensor axis fixed and force transmission, interference of swelling structure to the sensor calibration is relatively small, both achieve effective clamping, but also improves the transfer efficiency of the power flow. With good positioning, highly repetitive assembly and disassembly, convenient adjusting device, etc.
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