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Authors: Xin Guan, Xiang Yun Deng, Jian Hao, Guang Hao Sun, Chuang Jun Huang
Abstract: Barium calcium titanate (Ba0.96Ca0.04)(Zr0.05Ti0.95)O3 ferroelectric ceramics were prepared by sol–gel technique. The ceramics were sintering at 1290°C-1370°C. X-ray diffraction was employed to investigate the microstructure, and the surface topography was investigated by SEM graphs. The dielectric constant vs temperature was measured by Temperature dielectric spectrometer, and TF Analyzer 2000 measured the ferroelectric properties. It can be found that all the ceramics show pure perovskite structure suggesting that solid solution were formed. SEM showed that the samples uniform in grain size at 1330 °C. Our study revealed that when the sintering temperature is 1330 °C the maximum dielectric constant was 29,600, the maximum piezoelectric coefficient d33 could reach 399pm/V and the remanent polarization (Pr) was 8.3 μc/cm2, respectively.
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