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Authors: A. Wulfes, J. Gutowski, E. Kurtz, D. Hommel, M. Scholl, M. Heuken
Authors: G. Bremond, A. Souifi, P. Degroodt, P. Warren, D. Dutartre, Gérard Guillot
Authors: Li Hong Cheng, L. Yu, F. Yu, Z.Z. Lu, Xiang Fu Zhao, Ping Han, H. Zhao, Z.L. Xie, X.Q. Xiu, R. Zhang, Y.D. Zheng
Abstract: The Ge mole fraction (x) of Si1-xGex layer was described by the C-V technique for Schottkey contact of single heterojunction Si1-xGex/Si, whose structure profile can be characterized by SEM image and EDS. Then the strained Si cap layer was grown on the Si1-xGex/Si, and C-V technique was used to determine the carrier concentration and structure of double heterojunction Si/Si1-xGex/Si. The change of the structure between Si1-xGex/Si and Si/ Si1-xGex/Si was also observed by this method.
Authors: Didier Stiévenard, X. Letartre, Michel Lannoo, S. Ababou, Gérard Guillot
Authors: N. Achtziger, Joachim Grillenberger, W. Witthuhn
Authors: Hiroki Miyake, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Jun Suda
Abstract: In this study, new SiC-based heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT) are proposed. An n-type AlN/GaN short-period superlattice (quasi-AlGaN) layer is grown on a SiC pn junction as a widegap emitter. By using quasi-AlGaN emitter, we have demonstrated successful control of band offset of AlGaN/SiC. Quasi-AlGaN/SiC HBT with an Al content over 0.5, which has no potential barrier to electron injection from an n-AlGaN emitter to a p-SiC base, exhibited a common-emitter current gain of β ~ 2.7, whereas the HBT with an Al content below 0.5 showed β ~ 0.1.
Authors: P.J. Boyce, D. Wolverson, J.J. Davies, W. Heimbrodt
Authors: Joachim Grillenberger, N. Achtziger, G. Pasold, R. Sielemann, W. Witthuhn
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