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Authors: Yan Jie Zhang, Wei Guo Fu, Xiang Yun Deng, Ren Bo Yang, Zhong Wen Tan, Li Ren Han, Cheng Lu, Xiao Fen Guan
Abstract: Hysteresis loop and dielectric properties of lead-free BaTiO3-La2O3 piezoelectric ceramics and BaTiO3 ceramic compared with pure BaTiO3 has been systematically studied. The amount of La2O3 addition ranged from 0.3~0.5mol% by controlling the sintering temperature. Dielectric properties of BaTiO3-La2O3 were promoted after the addition of La2O3, the maximum value of dielectric constant reached 8,624, recently. The role of La2O3 on the solid-state sintering of BaTiO3 is discussed on the basis of the solid-solution defect model.
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