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Authors: Shuang Bei Li, Qing Guo Liang, Du Yi Mo
Abstract: In this paper, based on the bidirectional B-spline QR method (BB-sQRM), the mechanical properties of the shear-wall with opening were studied. The cubic B-spline function (CB-sF) was used to construct the basis function of the BB-sQRM for its good properties. The new computational scheme of the BB-sQRM for structural analysis was established with quadrilateral element. Numerical example was given to illustrate the validity of the proposed algorithm for the shear-wall with opening. The reliability of the proposed algorithm was verified by comparing with the results of ANSYS. The effects of the opening size on lateral displacement and stress of the shear-wall with opening were discussed. The numerical results show that, square hole and rectangular vertical hole are more conducive to bearing capacity of the shear-wall with opening.
Authors: Jie Liu, Yan Yan Zhang
Abstract: This article establishes a circular truncated cone model of the post-grouted induration end,brings forward a integrative influence coefficient and edtablishes a simple vertical bearing capacity caculation formula of post-grouted piles with the broaden diameter caculating the end resistance of the pile, which has considered the influence of mortar volumn.According to a certain number of engineering experiment,the tesults derived from this formula can fit the static loading test bearing capacity of the post-grouted drilled piles well,which can provides a certain engineering practical reference value.
Authors: Xiao Jie Chu, Shan Xiong Chen, Jian Li, Zhang Jun Dai
Abstract: When there is a ramp, the methods of calculating the foundation and pile bearing capacity are different from the plains situation. Many scholars have been studied determination method of the foundation and pile bearing capacity under the condition of slopes. A program is developed based on the results of previous studies, which can calculate the foundation and pile bearing capacity under the condition of slopes. The program using MATLAB software integrates a calculation method of foundation and pile capacity under slope condition. Combined with numerical examples, the results illustrate the upshots of the calculation methods in the program on the basis of the literature by interpolation method with the adjustment coefficients are accurate. And analyzed the influence of slope ratio on the bearing capacity: capacity and slope ratio was negatively correlated, with the slope ratio decreases, the capacity is on the increase, but the degree of increase based on the slope ratio.
Authors: Hai Ying Hu, Xiao Wen Zhou, Zhi Xing Huang
Abstract: The soft soil in Pearl River Delta regions is characterized with high water content, high compressibility and low bearing capacity. Therefore, when building the structures on such foundation, it’s necessary to pay attention to the deformation and stability. The projects' practice shows that, when analyzing the stability on foundation pit or slope with soft interlayer, it should not only calculate the overall stability of the slope, but also calculate the stability or bearing capacity of the foundation. Although sometimes the stability of the slope meets the requirements, it doesn’t means that the bearing capacity of the foundation meets the requirements because of the existence soft interlayer, the limitations of the circle slice method and the difference between the sliding surface and the actual sliding surface.
Authors: Kai Wu, Jian Yang Xue, Ping Zhou Cao, Hong Tie Zhao, Jian Guang Yue
Abstract: Bond stress between concrete and shape steel makes both materials cooperate as a whole, but diminished at final stage of loading period. A shear model is established to throw illumination on mechanism of bond failure. Tensile stress in concrete leaded to bond cracks and eventually the bond failure, which is due to the shear passing from concrete to shape steel. A new approach for bearing capacity of SRC columns with bond failure is put forward which based on the equivalent law of shear stress and shear stress distribution of rectangular section for formula derivation, the calculated results are consistent with those of the test.
Authors: Zuo Yun Mei, Chuan Qing Liu, Xing Mi, Ping Wu
Abstract: A new reinforcement measure with no-fire operation is presented, which is very suitable for space trusses which are located in gas stations. A finite element model (FEM) is presented with shell elements and multipoint constraint elements. With this FEM, nonlinear analyses are carried out. Analytical results show that integral failure of reinforced pipe is caused by yielding of original pipe inside. So it is not necessary to reinforce original pipe using steel pipe bonded outside with high yield strength. With the increase of length of bonded pipe outside, loading according to elastic stage and ultimate bearing loading increase, it is clear that the length of bonded pipe outside is an important factor which influences the bearing capacity.
Authors: Qing Liu, Wei Ding, Kai Kang, Xiao Han, Bing Yu Wang
Abstract: A prediction method of bearing capacity of CFG pile composite foundation was presented based on that support vector machine and corresponding prediction model was set up. To obtain the model coefficients, 18 groups of test data of CFG pile composite foundation were trained, the training value conforms well to the test value. Then the model was used to predict another 4 groups of test data. The result showed that the prediction value was close to the test value. The theoretical analysis and practical example indicated that the prediction method of bearing capacity of CFG pile composite foundation based on support vector machine is accurate and reliable.
Authors: Cheng Hua Wang, Jun Nan Cao, Liang Liang Zhao
Abstract: In order to analyze the behavior of piled raft foundations under vertical loadings, a simplified method called settlement compensation method (SCM) is proposed based on the basic principles in the code for design of building foundation of China. The effect of several influence factors of the SCM was investigated through an exemplar case. The applicability and accuracy of SCM was checked theoretically with a finite element analysis, and verified practically through a case study in which the results of settlement analysis of other methods were included for comparison.
Authors: Chao Xu, Yang Li
Abstract: Using the Drucker-Prager elastoplastic constitutive model to describe the nonlinear deformation behavior of soil and simulating step loading on static test piles by ANSYS model which only consider linear elastic compression of pile body. By comparing ANASYS simulation value and the measured values of pile’s axial force and side friction, it shows that the greater the load ratio which transfer through the bottom of the pile, the pile-soil stiffness ratio increased; when vertical load is small, analysis results of elastic theory are fairly accurate. ANASYS simulation results have high accuracy when vertical load is bigger.
Authors: Yi Jie Song, Chi On Ho, Zi Fei Qing
Abstract: Deployable structures are new prefabricated frames that can be transformed from a closed stage or compact configuration to a predetermined, stable expanded form. The structure is very convenient for transportation and recycling because it can be stretched out, drawn back and disassembled into pieces easily. This paper describes a new deployable structure composed of scissor composite members, each of which consists of universal scissor components, connected by bolts, and braced by pre-tensioned ropes out-of-plane, conforming a stable system. An aluminum-alloy deployable model was fabricated and a test program was carried out under vertical load to evaluate the capacity of the structure. Numerical analysis using FEM was conducted for validation purpose. By studying the stability and capacity of the structure, comprehensive evaluations of the structure were made. Possessing several advantages stated in this paper, deployable structures can be used as semi-permanent and temporary large spatial buildings.
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