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Authors: Akapong Phunpueok, Weerapong Chewpraditkul, Pichet Limsuwan, Bing Kun Yu, Chalerm Wanarak
Abstract: The scintillation response of Lu0.7Y0.3AP:Ce and Bi4Ge3O12 scintillation crystals have been compared using photomultiplier tube readout for photon energies ranging from 22.1 to 1274.5 keV. Lu0.7Y0.3AP:Ce showed a light yield non-proportionality of about 20% upon lowering energy from 1,274.5 to 22.1 keV, which is better than that of about 39% obtained for Bi4Ge3O12. Lu0.7Y0.3AP:Ce showed the light yield of 13,400 ph/MeV and energy resolution of about 8 % for 662 keV gamma rays from a 137Cs source. The photofraction of Bi4Ge3O12 is better than that of Lu0.7Y0.3AP:Ce. The intrinsic resolution of the crystals versus energy of gamma rays has been determined after correcting the measured energy resolution for photomultiplier tube statistics.
Authors: Zhi Ming Ji, Hai Hong Ni, Lan Ying Yuan, Jun Feng Chen, Shao Hua Wang
Abstract: Based on the need of calorimeter for dark matter search in China, 600 mm BGO crystals were investigated on longitudinal transmission and light response uniformity of crystal. In the analysis of the data obtained, a strong correlation between the crystal light response uniformity and their longitudinal transmission in the range 435 nm has been noticed. As a consequence, the transmission measurement alone can be used to help classification of crystal and identify crystals requiring uniformization. In the following the outcome of this analysis and the results that can be achieved will be discussed.
Authors: Yasuyoshi Nagai, Haruo Saito, T. Iwata, Yasuyuki Nagashima, Takeo Hyodo, H. Uchida, Tomoya Omura
Authors: Akapong Phunpueok, Voranuch Thongpool, Wuttichai Chaiphaksa
Abstract: The study of photon interactions with matter is very important in many fields such as scientific, industry, medical imaging, biological applications, dosimetry, and radiation shielding for their potential use in radiation physics. Scintillating materials become a main part in detection and spectroscopy of high energy photons. The goal of this work is to study an interaction of 662 keV γ-rays with scintillating materials, namely the LYSO(Ce) and BGO crystals. The light output, energy resolution, intrinsic resolution, and photo-fraction of both crystals with the same size of 5x5x3 mm3 were measured using photomultiplier tube (PMT) readout. The result showed that the light yield of the LYSO(Ce) crystal is much more better than that of the BGO crystal, while its photo-fraction is worse than that of the BGO crystal.
Authors: Yasuyoshi Nagai, Haruo Saito, Takeo Hyodo, H. Uchida, Tomoya Omura
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