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Authors: M. Qin, Vincent Ji, Y.N. Wu, S.Y. Ma, J.B. Li
Abstract: A new method is applied to investigate the relationship between the yield strength and annealing temperature for a Cu film. By Ion Beam Assisted Magnetron Sputtering (IAMS), Cu film with 2.4 µm thickness was deposited on a strip of super high strength steel 37SiMnCrNiMoV, and the specimens were treated by vacuum-annealing at different temperature. The X-ray tensile test was used to measure the longitudinal and transverse stresses and applied strain for Cu film. Based on the experimental results, the equivalent stress s and the equivalent uniaxial strain t e can be obtained. According to the s- t e relation, the calculated proof stress is acquired. The results indicate that the proof stress of the film decreases with the increasing of annealing temperature. When annealing temperature rises from 150ı to 300ı, the decreasing amplitude of proof stress is the largest. The phenomenon can be explained by the recrystallization and microstructure evolution in Cu film during the annealing treatment.
Authors: Wei Hong Li, Li Jiu Wang, Chun An Tang, Yi Wang Bao, Li Ding Wang, Shuang Xu
Abstract: The fracture behavior of brittle materials under biaxial plane stress has been investigated by means of numerical simulation method with software MFPA2D (Material Failure Process Analysis). The aims of this study are to clarify the fracture dependence of brittle material on biaxial plane stress state. The observation of crack initiation and fracture behavior reveals that the biaxial stresses have strong influence on the fracture properties of glass. Thus, the fracture criterion by the stress intensity factor was questioned for the biaxial plane stress issues. It is confirmed that the tensile stress parallel to the crack plane is an important factor affecting crack arrest, while the compressive stress parallel to the crack plane contributes to crack opening.
Authors: B.J. Hulm, J.D. Parker, W.J. Evans
Authors: M. Qin, Vincent Ji, Jiu Hua Xu, J.B. Li, Ke Wei Xu, S.L. Ma
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