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Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, Bo Tang, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: In this paper, the Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) and reducer are used to drive each axis of three-axis turntable. In real-time servo control systems, the position loop parameters are designated by the software CME2, and the frequency band of the middle frame with the specified amplitude can be measured. Then, the drive model is alternated to the velocity loop, and two frequency bands will be got by using the controller of NI PXI-7344 and NI 9514 separately. The reason why the three frequency bands are different can be given by analyzing the data of the three sweep tests. In addition, both advantages and disadvantages of two NI motion controllers are illustrated. Finally, the paper points out the new motion control solutions to improve the performance of the servo system by autonomous intelligent control algorithm.
Authors: Yong Zhu, Kai Ping Feng, Yun Fei Wu
Abstract: Brushless DC motor Sensorless control is the future development trend, Based on TI Companys DSP chip TMS320F28335 type of brushless dc motor without position sensor control system designed in this paper, Its basic structure and working principle are introduced. The position detector of the brushless DC motor use back EMF zero-crossing detection method. The test results show that the system has good dynamic and static characteristics, the reliability of the motor running.
Authors: Wei Meng, Lei Meng
Abstract: Instead of mechanical commutator for DC motor, Brushless DC motor used electronic commutator. And brushless DC motor (BLDCM) extended the effective using time of a motor and eliminated some problems caused by the mechanical commutator, such as electromagnetic interference, brush wear, frequent maintenance and etc. At the meantime, brushless DC motor inherited a few advantages from DC motor, like wide speed range, large torque, stable operation, low noise, and high power density; there is great significance in researching BLDCM control system. This paper researches the application of fuzzy control strategy in BLDCM (brushless direct-current motor) control system. The design and simulation of BLDCM control system based on DSP controller also presented in the paper.
Authors: Syed Imran Jawaid, Liang Wang
Abstract: Electro-hydraulic actuation is now an emerging and well established technology and currently applicable in almost all fields but most important application of electro-hydrostatic actuator (EHA) is aerospace industry. This paper will discuss the selection and designing of major sub-assemblies and their integration to form an EHA unit. A complete, compact, and high performance EHA will be designed in different sections of paper and dynamic analysis of major assemblies is carried out to meet the designed requirements. In last section position tracking performance of the EHA is analysed by using a conventional PID Controller and simulation results are discussed.
Authors: Hao Bin Zhou
Abstract: The control system is the core of an electric bicycles. Properties of the controller are among the most important factors determining the performance of the Electric bicycles. In this paper, we design a new energy regenerating brake controller based on the driving and regenerating circuit topology for permanent brushless DC motor (BLDCM). A Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Control (Fuzzy-SMC) algorithm is applied to the inner loop (current loop) of the closed speed-current double loop system to improve the stability and reliability. Experiments and simulations show that the Fuzzy-Sliding Mode controller is superior to the traditional PID controller on many performance measurements including perturbation resistancesteady-state errorresponse speed and the extended driving distance per battery charge.
Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, De Zhi Zhou, Shu Cen Du
Abstract: Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is adopted in the driving of a three-axis turntable. A high-speed current sampling system plays a vital role in intelligent control. This article firstly describes the working principle of a triple-closed-loop regulation system and emphatically dissects the characteristic of the current-loop among speed-loop and position-loop. Secondly, a signal acquisition-alignment circuit of three phases’ current and voltage is designed. Based on ADS8365, a scheme of high-speed current loop’s precise and synchronous sampling system is provided. Finally, experimental results have proved the validity and practicality of the scheme applied in the control of three-axis turntable.
Authors: Xiao Yun Zhang
Abstract: This paper presented a new method based on the Fuzzy self - adaptive PID for BLDCM. This method overcomes some defects of the traditional PID control. Such as lower control precision and worse anti - jamming performance. It dynamic model of BLDCM was built, and then design method for TS fuzzy PID model is given, At last, it compared simulation results of PID control method with TS Fuzzy PID control method. The results show that the TS Fuzzy PID control method has more excellent dynamic antistatic performances, as well as anti-jamming performance. The experiment shows that TS fuzzy PID control has the stronger adaptability robustness and transplant.
Authors: Xi Zhu, Jian Guo Song, Qing Lu Zhang
Abstract: In order to drive beam-pumping unit with brushless DC motor (BLDCM), a kind of motor speed regulator was investigated. When pumping unit is in up stroke, BLDCM is power-driven; when in down stoke, pumping unit is braked by BLDCM. To meet the operation mode, PI double closed loops control strategy and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) are applied. Simulation and test in field show that our design has good control effect and popularizing value.
Authors: Wen Gen Gao, Xiao Lin Yuan, Hai Yan Zhang
Abstract: A BLDCM drive system based on Z-source converter is proposed in this paper, it can be integrated to control DC bus boost and BLDCM speed by Z-source transformation technology, which not only improve energy efficiency but also raise the system security. The algorithm of PWM is applied to control Z-source inverter, which is simulated by Matlab/Simulink, the results are shown to verify the features of the Z-source inverter for BLDCM drive system, and confirm that the method is correctly and availably.
Authors: Xue Lei Yue, Peng Bai
Abstract: Based on analysis of the mathematical model of the brushless DC motor (BLDCM), a method for modeling and simulation of BLDCM speed control system is developed in this paper. The simulation model of BLDCM could be established by combination of the functional blocks and S-functions in MATLAB/SIMULINK. In the double loop of control system, a PID controller was adopted in the speed loop and a current controller was completed in the current loop on the principle of hysteresis current track PWM inverter. The modeling method has merits in rapidity, practicality and has guiding significance to designing actual brushless DC motor control system.
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