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Authors: Rui Hong Zhang
Abstract: The braced pillars were machined by grinding and spark machining. 3-D topography and surface roughness of two kinds of braced pillars were measured. The effect of two kinds of braced pillars on stress distribution of vacuum plate glass was analyzed by electrometric method, and was in comparison. The stress distribution of their important sides was obtained such as sealing side, supporting side and braced pillar. The experimental result showed that maximal stress of braced pillar for vacuum glass occurred in the end side of each braced pillar. Controlling high precision of the brace height and good flatness of the glass sheet considerably improve vacuum plate glass quality, such as its strength, its dependability and service life.
Authors: Rui Hong Zhang, De Jun Kong, Chao Jun Yang, J.H. Gao, H. Miao, Xu Dong Ren
Abstract: The mathematical model of the braced stress-strain in the vacuum glazing was established with the crunode method by elastic mechanics. The braced stress-strain field of vacuum glazing was received, and the stress-strain distribution was analyzed at the same time. Electric test method was used to validate the stress distribution. The experimental results are shown that the maximal stress of vacuum glazing occurs in the second braced pillar of the four-square side. The maximal stress value by elastic mechanics is 11.057MPa, while the measured value by electric test method is 11.765MPa, and its tolerance is only 6.02%. The positive stress in the cross section of the braced pillar is 179MPa, the longitudinal strains of steel and glazing braced pillar are 0.2686μm and 0.7414μm, respectively. The tolerance of braced pillar height and the glazing level degree are controlled to guarantee force equality, which increases strength, dependability, and service life of vacuum glazing.
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