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Authors: Li Na Duan, Jin Zhao
Abstract: The System is at the core of TMS320F2812DSP from TI company to design the control system for BLDC motor, the control segment of it take advantage of the event manager EVA of the DSP to compare and produce six ways signal control.And utilize the capture module to acquire the state situation of the rotor-position sensor.Acording to the condition of hall sensor to control motor commutation.And solve the PWM signal system in the generation and motor speed feedback.It's easy to realize the motor closed-loop control, greatly simplify the system hardware design, improves the reliability of the system, reduces the volume of the system. Through the experiments,we gain the PWM waveform, and finally realize the purpose of reverse control .
Authors: Chih Hsien Yu, Chyuan Yow Tseng
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the back electromotive force (back-EMF), the rotor position information would be detected. Hence, the main theme of this paper is to design a practical approach to detect the zero cross point (ZCP) of back-EMF through virtual neutral voltage for sensorless brushless direct current (BLDC) motor drives. In contrast to conventional methods, the real neutral voltage of motor is not needed. In order to compensate the phase delay of the back-EMF due to low-pass filter (LPF) under different speeds, a voltage-controlled phase shifter, consisted of hysteresis comparator and voltage-controlled resistor (VCR), is proposed in this paper. The detail circuit model is introduced and some experimental results obtained from a sensorless prototype are shown to confirm the practicality of proposed senosorless drive method.
Authors: Fu Jin Li, Xia Li, Cheng Qun Li
Abstract: This paper introduces a control system of brushless direct current motor (BLDCM) for Battery Electric Vehicle. The core of the control system is the TMS320F28035 of TI Company. Hardware and control strategy were also introduced. The result of the simulation proved that it is very effective to use Sliding Mode Variable Structure as the control strategy.
Authors: Wen Jiao Zai, Hua Zhang Wang
Abstract: The paper designs a brushless direct current motor (BLDCM) control system, mainly including design of former stage driver circuit, H bridge drive circuit, sensor commutation control, Forward / reverse control. In order to increase the reliability of the system, improve the performance of motor running, one has a good choice of parameters about power amplifying circuit device. What is more, one adopts PID algorithm in the system. Experiments show that the operating speed is with wide speed range from 150 r/min to 4000r/min. Through the adjusting of PID parameters, the error of speed can be stabilized within 5r/min, the system exhibits very good performance. Both hardware implementation and software control algorithms are reliable. The system has a wide range of practical value.
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