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Authors: Li Huo Wang, Wei Yao, Wei Zhang
Abstract: This paper describes Freescale company’s DSP device MC56F8013 implementation of a fridge compressor control system about BLDC motors without position sensors, which includes motor starting and back EMF running. The motor start-up detects the variation of rotor position according to inductance of stator core. Then when the rotor is accelerated to a certain speed, EMF mode is switched. The EMF mode estimates the rotor position by back EMF zero-crossing detection method. The experiment results prove that the proposed system based on MC56F8013 can work normally and efficiently, and guarantee the demand of domestic refrigerator.
Authors: Wu Zhang, Xiao Xu, Xiao Yi Ying
Abstract: According to the control characteristics of brushless DC motor, a control system based on the LPC1700 ARM is designed, together with the corresponding external circuit. This system fully utilizes the high-performance 32-bit calculation of ARM chips and abundant hardware resources. It is compact in structure, reliable in operation and superior in speed regulation performance.
Authors: Da Wei Meng, Yu Feng Lu, Yong Ming Xu, Xi Feng Wang
Abstract: The Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDCM) has been researched by many scholars because of its simple structure, high power density, high reliability and easy control. In this paper, a driver based on the system on a programmable chip (SOPC) is designed to implement adjustable subdivision. For SPWM, SVPWM frequency conversion control Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) is introduced, DDS Intellectual Property (IP) core is designed for motor control of frequency conversion. This driving system can solve the high subdivision problem, increase the driving torque and angle resolution, and smooth the motor angle. Employing the bottom-top design method, the circuit was described by the VHDL language, synthesized by integrated environment, and simulated by Modelsim in both behavior level and gate level through the PLI interface. According to experiment’s result, this driver has the advantages of easy debugging, high anti-interference ability, larger driving power, low volume and low cost in large scale production.
Authors: Da Wei Meng, Yu Feng Lu, Yong Ming Xu, Xi Feng Wang
Abstract: The Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDCM) is in nature of high power density, high reliability and easy control etc, growing with the development of microcomputers, new power electronic devices, control theories and low cost rare earth permanent magnet material. The applications of a new permanent magnet material are described in this paper,such as in manufacture of parts of stereo,automobile devices,medical instruments and computer hardware, etc.Besides,the paper also discusses the prospect of its development and the problems in its production.Aiming at the BLDCM with a Hall rotor position sensor, a motor drive controller is designed by pure hardware approach. In this paper, a simple design procedures is described that can be implemented to decrease the material cost of a BLDCM often found in domestic appliances and automotive applications. According to the experiment’s result, this controller has the advantages of easy debugging, high anti-interference ability, larger driving power, low volume and low cost in large scale production.
Authors: Li Huo Wang, Wei Yao, Ke Wei Hu, Wei Zhang
Abstract: This paper describes Freescale company’s DSP device MC56F8013 implementation of a control method for sensorless BLDC motor, which is according to fuzzy neural network. The inductance of stator core varies according to the variation of rotor position, and the rotor position can be estimated with the variation of current response caused by six direction voltage vectors. Then use fuzzy neural network PI control method to optimize the dynamic performance, accelerate the rotor to a certain speed, and switch to EMF mode. The experiment results show that the proposed method can have fast response, strong robustness and superior performances.
Authors: Shu Song, Ya Jun Zhang
Abstract: Pure Electric Vehicles (PEV) is an important research direction to solve the problems of auto environment and energy sources. Research double close-loop control system of PEV driven by Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDCM) has the practical value. Traditional PID controllers have some advantages of being simple, reliable and effective for linear systems, but not for time-varying systems or highly non-linear systems. In order to improve the performances in both steady state and transient state of control system, an Adaptive Fuzzy PID Controller (AFPIDC) can be employed. The dynamic model of PEV and the mathematic model of BLDCM can be analyzed and established. Simulation model of Speed and Current Double Close-Loop Control System are implemented by Matlab7.0/simulink. The simulation results show that the system has rapid response, without static error and overshoot, good performance and strong robustness, high capacity of resisting disturbance.
Authors: Xin Wang
Abstract: It is very difficult to solve brushless DC motor(BLDCM) overshooting and short time oscillation during keeping speed of BLDCM.In view of shortages of normal PID controller, Modified Fuzzy Neural Network adjusting PID parameters and its Algorithm are researched.The MFNN’s computation and convergence rates are better than FNN adjusting PID parameters.At last,mathematical expression of MFNN adjusting PID parameters is given.With Matlab sumulation,conclusion is the MFNN adjusting PID parameters is better in BLDCM speed control system robustness and real-time to solve interference of the system than PID controller and FNN adjusting PID parameters.It is fleasible to take the MFNN adjusting PID parameters in BLDCM speed control system.
Authors: Zi Cheng Li, Zi Yu Ou, Shan Mei Cheng
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel rotor position estimation method based on line back EMF for brushless DC motor (BLDCM). The relationship between position phase error and the symmetric line back EMF is analyzed. It is noted that line back EMF error can exactly reflect rotor position phase error. If the amplitude of line back EMF at the beginning of commutation is equal to the amplitude of line back EMF at the end of commutation, the waveform of line back EMF should be symmetric. Based on the above analysis, a closed loop control method to correct rotor position phase is presented. Line back EMF error is employed to keep the waveform of line back EMF symmetrical by PI controller. This paper also develops a sensorless BLDCM driver to implement the proposed method based on DSP and the experimental results prove the validity of the proposed method.
Authors: Li Sheng Shu, Guo Ping Li
Abstract: According to the mathematical model of brushless DC motor (BLDCM), control equations of BLDCM speed control system and simulation model were established for steering control device in electric pallet truck based on transfer function in Matlab/Simulink. The fuzzy adaptive PID control method was introduced to speed control system, and it can realize PID parameter’s online adjustment. Simulation result shows that the designed speed controller based on fuzzy adaptive PID has better dynamic and static performance than the controller based on traditional PID, and the control accuracy is also greatly improved.
Authors: Jian Bo Cao, Ming Qiang Mao, Wan Lu Xu, Jia Ji, Jia Jiang, Jie Yu
Abstract: To deal with the control problem of brushless DC motor (BLDCM), based on analyzing the work principle of BLDCM, the fuzzy-PID control was studied, and the fuzzy-PID controller of BLDCM was designed. The experimental results show that the fuzzy-PID controller is superior to the PID controller at steady-state tracking error. Additionally, the current and torque undulation of BLDCM were also improved.
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