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Authors: Yutaka Ito, Nikolay Djourelov, Takenori Suzuki, Kenjiro Kondo, Yasuo Ito, Victor P. Shantarovich, Jun Onoe
Authors: Shoji Ishibashi
Authors: A. Djordjević, M. Vojinović-Miloradov, A. Kapor, D. Lazar, D.D. Petrović, V. Djordjević-Milić, M. Hegediš
Authors: G. Stollhoff, Hubert Scherrer
Authors: Yong Gang Zou, Xiao Hui Ma, Quan Lin Shi, Guo Jun Liu, Qing Xue Sui, Zhi Min Zhang
Abstract: The (C60)n@SWNT (peapod) samples were prepared by vapor diffusion method. We performed the high pressure Raman measurements on the peapod samples by using a Mao-Bell type diamond anvil cell (DAC). In the In situ high pressure experiments, the peapod samples were exposed under UV laser line irradiation. The polymerization of C60 molecules in SWNT cave under both laser irradiation and pressure effects has been studied. The Raman spectra of the released samples from high pressure indicated that C60s form one-dimensional orthorhombic polymer. For the Raman measurements, two different excitation wavelengths were used, 325 nm laser and 830 nm laser.
Authors: V.D. Blank, N.R. Serebryanaya, G.A. Dubitsky, S.G. Buga, S.N. Sulyanov, N.A. Lvova
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