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Authors: Kirill S. Golohvast, Alexander V. Fedorov, Alexander I. Korobeev, Artem I. Kamko, Alexey S. Smirnov, Ivan A. Zemchenko, Alexander A. Sergievich, Alexander F. Artemenko, Valery V. Chernyshev, Vladimir V. Chaika
Abstract: First data on morphology of phytoliths was obtained for leaves, body, and inflorescence of Cannabis sativa found in 2 regions of the Khabarovsky region (Khabarovsk City and Bikinsky District). Optical microscopy revealed 5 phytoliths morphotypes in the scape, inflorescence, and in the leaves of the cannabis: shapeless, oval, segmented oval, club-shaped, and spikes. Size of phytoliths from various plant’s parts is found to be uniform, but their morphometry changes with respect to ratio among shapes. Shapeless dominate in the scape (68%), inflorescence, and in leaves (31.33%). Spikes are found in inflorescence (32%) as well as in scape (30%) and in leaves (10.6%).
Authors: Lucia Rozumová, Barbora Legátová, Jana Prehradná
Abstract: The aim of this paper was to study of biosorption by use waste material as a biosorbent. Waste material used in this work was activated industrial hemp shives (Cannabis sativa), which occurs during the processing of hemp shives grown as the waste biomass in the processing process. The sorbent was utilized to reduce the content of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions. Sorption experiments of the cannabis hemp shives were conducted in a batch mode by use the model solutions of Cu(II). The impact of pH, contact time and initial concentration on the pollutant removal efficiency was observed. The sorption kinetics were evaluated with pseudo-first and pseudo-second order kinetic models. Adsorption process has been modeled by the Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin‑Radushkevich isotherms using linear regression. The results of this study indicated that the application of hemp shives of Cannabis sativa waste material as a biosorbent is highly effective for the removal copper ions from wastewater.
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