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Authors: Wen Qiong Zhou, Da Jun Li
Abstract: A low-voltage distribution box with both energy monitoring and carrier communication capability is developed to collect , store and transmit multi-channel current, voltage , power, and electrical degree surveillance and other information, and the detail of its hardware design is described, ARM9 chip is used as a microcontroller, AD8364 with six channels is applied to ensure the speed and accuracy of data acquisition, the carrier chip ST7538 is adopted to transmit the acquired information to concentrator at specific time. The investment cost of the distribution box is low, and easy to be installed and maintained, and can be widely used in various industries for middle and small-sized enterprises.
Authors: Ming Xiang Guan, Xue Yuan Wan, Le Wang
Abstract: To detect and receive the high dynamic and high information-rate signal for communication platform in the stratosphere, it is necessary to design digital system to acquire and track the carrier. In the high dynamic and high information-rate situation, the most important aspect is the great influence of Doppler frequency shift and high information rate on the carrier acquisition and track. Carrier acquisition and track in the high dynamic and high information-rate situation was implemented by means of the combination of FPGA and frequency, phase lock loop. A new algorithm using DQPSK for carrier acquisition and track was proposed and the validity of the design and algorithm was proved by means of trials and comparison with EKF method in the high dynamic and high information-rate situation.
Authors: Jun Jie Yue, Yu Ting Wang, Zhao Hong Shi, Juan Liu, Xin Feng
Abstract: A novel bimetallic nanoFe/Cu composite supported on expanded graphite (EG) was prepared through a synthesis procedure that includes consecutive steps of an incipient wetness impregnation method, heat treatment and borohydride reduction. SEM, XRD and ICP-OES were employed to characterize the morphology, crystallinity and metal contents respectively. The SEM images show that the metal particles are spherical and arrange closely but orderly, the particle size is uniform and no larger than 100 nm. The XRD data indicate the composite consists of elementary Fe and Cu deposited on the inert EG. Batch experiments with nitrate show that the composite works efficiently for nitrate reduction in wastewater without pH control. Although nitrite as much as 40% of the degraded nitrate persisted in the reaction system, nitrite as target pollutant has been found to be easily reduced to nitrogen with a selectivity of 99.9% at pH 6 by catalytic hydrogenation. Therefore, the composite EG-Fe/Cu will play an indirect role in nitrogen selectivity. Based on the environmental friendliness and the efficiency on nitrate, both EG and the composite may be considered into the experimental teaching of environmental chemistry course.
Authors: Xi Wang Yang, Jin Ying Huang, Hao Jing Wang
Abstract: The method to analysis the strength of planetary trains’ carriers of EPB(earth pressure balance) shield machine is presented in this paper. The structure of the shield machine trains is analyzed and the 3-D solid model of the carrier is built with Pro/E. After the load on the carrier has been dealt with, the strength of carrier is calculated by means of finite element method. The results via ANSYS show that the max stress and strain on the carriers are increasing as the increasing load on it. The max stress is lying on the joint point of the carrier and planetary gear shaft because of the bending deformation of the shaft.
Authors: Hui Qin Li, Ji Xian Gong, Qiu Jin Li, Zheng Li, Jian Fei Zhang, Ke Ning Chen, Zhu Xian Tang, Guo Qiang Ding, Sheng Yuan Lin
Abstract: Fabrics provide an attractive alternative for cell immobilization carrier. In this study, the relationship of weave structure of fabrics and the effects of cell immobilization was investigated. Several kinds of fabrics with different weave structure were designed and produced acting as cell immobilization carrier. Adsorptive capacity of the textile carriers with different weave structure was measured and the biodegradation rate of TA by cells absorbed on textile carriers was also investigated. It is showed that adsorptive capacity and stability was significantly affected by weave structure of fabric carriers. The result also indicated that the ability to TA degradation was also improved by cell immobilization.
Authors: Nai Qian Feng, Yun Xing Shi, Quan Lin Niu
Abstract: Absorption and d esorption of super plasticizer by zeoltie were investigated, and zeolite superplasticizer with zeolite as carrier was produced. The addition of zeolite superplasticizer in cement and concrete increases the paste fluidity and concrete slump, while the loss of fluidity and slump are effectively controlled.
Authors: Xue Li, Rui Sheng Hu, Jia Nan Hu, Ya Qin Bai
Abstract: The catalysts were prepared by the impregnation method and characterized thought X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), H2-temperature-programmed reduction (H2-TPR), measurement of surface area, differial thermal and thermogravimetric analysis. Rare-earth compound oxides La 0.8Sr0.2CoO3 act as active component; Alumina act as carriers. The effects were investigated on loading amounts of active components, calcinations temperature and the addition components on the catalytic oxidation of xylene.
Authors: Fa Yu Wu, Yi Yong Wang, Wei Juan Li, Yan Wen Zhou, Jun Wei Zhang
Abstract: The micro-structure, the thermal and electrical transport properties, and their corresponding relationship of carbon micro-coils were discussed, based on the experimental results. The disordered micro-structure and the helical conformation of carbon micro-coils were responsible for the characteristic of their transport properties.
Authors: Xiu Hong Liang, Xiao Ye Fu
Abstract: In this paper, TiO2/diatomite and Ce-TiO2/diatomite were prepared by sol-gel method in order to improve the spectrum responding range and its photocatalytic effect. The obtained samples were characterized by means of X-ray Diffractometer (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and so on, and the photocatalytic activity was evaluated by methylene blue degradation. The heat stability of TiO2/diatomite was improved by Ce-doped; TiO2 was successfully loaded on diatomite through physical and chemical action. The de-coloring ratio of methylene blue of the two composite materials were similar under UV light, Ce-TiO2/diatomite was higher under visible light, it reached to 80%, and it kept 65% after the five times repeated using of Ce-TiO2/diatomite.
Authors: Jun Deng, Hong Sheng Zhang, Yun Feng Hu, Ying Liu, Dan Dan Wang
Abstract: In this study, we first purposefully synthesized SAPO-11 and Na-ZSM-23 molecular sieves. The catalysts loaded with Cu were prepared by using seven typical carriers, including Montmorillonite-K10, USY, SAPO-11, Na-ZSM-23, γ-Al2O3, ZnO and MgO, and the performance of the catalysts was tested for amination of ethanol. The results demonstrate that the acid-base property of the carriers is closely related with the results of amination of ethanol over the catalysts. Among all these catalysts, 15%Cu/Na-ZSM-23 shows the highest yield of acetonitrile.
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