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Authors: Yoshiaki Daigo, Akio Ishiguro, Shigeaki Ishii, Hideki Ito
Abstract: In this study, influence of both Si/H2 ratio and C/Si ratio on growth rate uniformity and carrier concentration uniformity of n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial films grown by high speed wafer rotation vertical CVD tool was investigated. It was found that changes in radial profile of the growth rate and the carrier concentration obtained by varying Si/H2 ratio showed quite similar behavior to those obtained by varying C/Si ratio. Such a similar trend would suggest that the distribution of local C/Si ratio near the wafer surface changes depending on total Si/H2 ratio similarly to total C/Si ratio. Additionally, by using this relationship, both the growth rate uniformity of 49.2 μm/h ±1.78% (1.15% σ/mean) and carrier concentration uniformity of 1.08 ×1016cm-3 ±6.15% (3.40% σ/mean) was achieved.
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