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Authors: Guo Quan Zhu, Guo Ping Chen, Lang Li, Lu Bing Dai
Abstract: Wind power is a clean renewable energy. It plays an important role in changing environmental condition and economic development. Wind turbine is a wind energy capture control. Rotating speed control of wind turbine blade is one key problem of wind power generator technology. Through analyzing the theory of centrifugal rotating speed control, this paper carried out the experiments on centrifugal rotating speed control device of small wind turbine blade, and analyzes the effects of different wind speeds on rotating angle of wind turbine blade. A method of rotating speed control has been mentioned. The experimental results and analysis have certain reference value for design and rotating speed control of wind turbine blade.
Authors: David Blurtsyan
Abstract: Productivity of internal grinding processes is limited by wheel-workpiece contact area and high temperature generated during grinding. Existing internal grinding methods do not guarantee presence of coolant liquid in the heat generation zone. Usually coolant liquid from external nozzles could not penetrate turbulent air flow around grinding wheel. Assembled wheel with radially mobile segments allows increasing contact area but needs to be supported by more efficient heat evacuation system. New grinding wheel and method of internal grinding are developed and evaluated. New tool generates high speed hydrodynamic circular flow and dynamic wedges of coolant liquid in the cutting zones.
Authors: Parth Shah, M. Ashwin Ganesh, Thundil Kuruppa Raj
Abstract: This paper deals with a comparative study of the outlet pressure-energy between a conventional and normal blade impeller and an airfoil-shaped blade impeller of a centrifugal pump. Although the volute casing is an important component along with an impeller [1], the present comparative analysis makes the volute casing redundant to the study, hence neglected. All centrifugal pumps are usually designed and manufactured using backward swept blades with equal camber on the top and bottom sides. An increased camber on the top side is an ideal trait for a lift generating airfoil. The purpose is to implement the principle of lift generation of airfoil for centrifugal pumps. As a result, a local suction side and pressure side can be visualized using CFX-post processor. The 3D analysis of such a centrifugal pump impeller is designed in SOLIDWORKS® and analyzed using ANSYS® CFX. The SST (Menter’s Shear Stress Transport) model is used as it combines both the k-ω and k-ε turbulence models.
Authors: Sun Jae Kim, Yeong Mu Ko, Han Cheol Choe
Authors: Miao Miao Gui, Yun Hui Fang, Qing Chang Lin, Fei Yu Yu, Tian Xing Lin, Xiu Xing Ma
Abstract: This paper uses centrifugal spray drying process to prepare powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer. The best spray drying process: speed of centrifugal atomizer is 16000r/min, feed liquid temperature is 30°C, import / export air temperature of drying chamber is 200°C/80°C. It achieves a high concentration of polycarboxylate superplasticizer to prepare powder product. It solves the problem of sticky and low-performance of powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer during traditional preparation. Analyzing the structure of polycarboxylate superplasticizer before and after spray-drying by infrared spectroscopy, and verifying the conclusion through macroeconomic performance experiments.
Authors: I En Lin, Yi Ling Ye, Ding Yuan Liang, Bang Wei Chen
Abstract: The CD-ELISA is a self-contained micro-device that incorporates low-power micro-fluidic components and high-sensitivity immune-molecules, and is capable of performing parallel and multiple tests with high precision. The CD platform integrates number of micro-fluidic functions. Bio-detection area is the most important region which directly affects measurement results. In this study, both theoretical and experimental results were compared to show the feasibility design of bio-detection region.
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