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Authors: Oluwafemi Samuel Adelabu
Abstract: The application of glazes on clay-based ceramic products has been identified as one of the best form of ceramic decorations. This can be attributed to its characteristic to lend aesthetic value to ceramic products and also to render them more durable, useful and hygienic. This paper reports an investigation on the development of new ceramic glaze recipes by means of selected glaze software packages using locally available raw materials in Nigeria. For the achievement of this study, survey methods, material oxide analysis, as well as kiln firings have been used. The results established the possibility of using existing glaze software in Nigeria so as to derive new recipes from old ones by using local material analyses database. The study indicates that with recent technological solutions, local raw materials can be properly identified and maximally utilized for a nation’s industrial development and sustainable economic growth.
Authors: N. Masó-Carcasés, H. Beltrán, B. Julián, P. Escribano, E. Cordoncillo
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