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Authors: Guo Li Ji, Y.P. Yang, Y. Lin, Zhao Xian Xiong
Abstract: A computation method for parallel simulations of ceramic grain growth at an atomic scale in a PC cluster is proposed, by combining the Message Passing Interface (MPI) with the serial simulation of grain growth. A parallel platform is constructed for the simulation of grain growth with program modules of grain assignments, grain growth, data exchanges and boundary settlements, which are coded with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and MPICH. Quantitative results show that the computing speed of parallel simulations with this platform is obviously increased compared with that of serial simulations. Such a computing mode of grain growth is in good agreement with practical situations of ceramic grain growth.
Authors: Guo Li Ji, Y. Lin, Y.P. Yang, Zhao Xian Xiong
Abstract: An improved serial computation method is proposed for simulating ceramic grain growth at an atomic scale. The data structure of a ternary tree is used to store orderly the atomic information and speed up the editing of data. Combining with the idea of space partition, an index for space searching is established to reduce the computation time. Simulation results demonstrate that the speed of the serial computation is increased significantly and simulated images are in good agreement with micrographs of practical ceramics. It is illustrated that kinetic exponents and fractal dimensions during the simulation of grain growth are also reasonable in compare with quantitative analyses.
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