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Authors: Ning Pan, Ke Wang, Jing Jing Tan
Abstract: Frequent land-use changes might produce a large amount of historical data which are valuable for data mining and decision-making. Based on the traditional Whole-state-recording Mode, the Special-state-recording Mode was proposed, focusing on the temporal aspect. This mode could optimize the land use database and reduce redundant change record. It could also improve data rollback and historical backtracking functions. The mode was successfully applied to land use planning in Zhejiang Province.
Authors: Jing Liu, Xiang Dong Zhu, Chong En Wang
Abstract: Article to Shanxi Taoism building for research object, using statistics of practices, will Shanxi province different period of Taoism building of distribution for Combs, and on Taoism building of site, and construction, and development, and changes of effect factors for analysis, to judge out Taoism building of site changes main is due to different period of Taoism doctrine and history background of role, while also reveals out China Taoism building site changes of history features.
Authors: Ying Yan Chen
Abstract: Current product forms are quietly changing. Duc to the change of consumer personal aesthetic needs, thus causing products need more “non-necessary” functions. Through renovating design concepts by consumer demands, to promote contemporary design pay more attention to the content of visual aesthetics and spiritual cultures. Therefore, contemporary design methods must cater to era development trend, in order to strengthen consumers’ experience and emotion recognition for products. In view of this situation, this article from the perspective of national symbolic languages and aesthetic forms to study design methods and innovation concepts, and draw a conclusion.
Authors: Zhe Li, Li Wang, Fang Ma, Ya Nan Xu, Xiao Feng Jiang, Xiong Wei Liang
Abstract: Many factors can impact water quality, such as rainfall, topography and soil. These factors are usually naturally formed. In these factors, Land-Use is closely related with human production and living which people can change. It is one of the most key factors influencing the river water quality. With the development of computer technology, it is an important direction of researching Land-Use and Land-Cover Change (LUCC) in the application of water quality modeling. This paper analyzes the relationship between land-use change and the water quality, and introduces the common used water quality model.
Authors: E Ping Song, Ke Xin Zhang, Sun Yi, Yan Qiu Lu, Han Lie Hong
Abstract: The collision between India and Eurasia plate led to form the Tibet Plateau, which was the largest plateau over the world, and the disappearance of the Paleotethys.The collision between India and Eurasia plate in Cenozoic led to the Tibet Plateau form, which was the largest plateau over the world, and the disappearance of the Paleotethys. Then the continents and oceans re-adjusted their distribution, the global distribution of land and sea and ocean circulation system occurred significant adjustments, which had changed the entire global atmospheric circulation momentum, coupled with the corresponding evolution of the biosphere, it made the extreme instability of Cenozoic climate change to be the main theme of the global environment change.
Authors: Hua You Zhu, Li Ying Yue
Abstract: The musical instrument manufacturing industrial district is not only general but also unique for China's specialized industrial districts. This paper takes Yangzhou Chinese zither (Chinese musical instruments) industrial district and Xiqiao violin (Western musical instruments) industrial district as two typical examples to do a comparison, deliberating on the directions and paths of the transformation and upgrading of these two industrial districts from two perspectives, that is, the similarities and differences between their characteristics of changes.
Authors: Chuan Xi Li, Xin Zhong Wang
Abstract: In this paper ,the axes of a three-span dumbbell-shaped steel tube concrete arch bridge was changed due to deviation in bridge piers, tie beam construction and steel tube production, thereby steel tube arch ring can not be closed, and suspender hole can not be aligned. The side-span hollow steel tubes were intercepted and adjusted for three times through calculation and analysis, therefore the structure stress is reasonable and achieved original design standards under the condition of not changing the original arch axes, and the bridge was successfully constructed, thereby providing reference for engineering staff.
Authors: Xiao Ting Tong, Xi Mei Liu, Heng Lv, Xi Yang
Abstract: The paper gets the calculational method of check size in theory by discussing the effect factors of forming woven plaids. It realizes a calcuiation and design system of plaid by computer aided design. Meanwhile, by combining with the typical Tianzige and Jiugongge, the paper discusses the change regularity of check shaping parameters as a result of the change in check size and fabric density, and realizes a autogeneration system of the new check parameters.
Authors: Zhi Rong Jia
Abstract: Unity and change are the basic principles of highway landscape design. Based on the investigation of highway revegetation, new concept of revegetation design was given. Bad roadside landscape should be sheltered by green belts, and beautiful roadside landscape should be divulged or showed by locally eliminating the green belts, and maximum length of green belts with single pattern should be limited for preventing drivers from dozing. Based on the theory of dynamic vision, this paper presents the formulas for computing the stake numbers of setting or eliminating the green belts according to the requirements of landscape design, and the formulas for computing the maximum length of green belts with single pattern. The results are helpful to the highway roadside and median green belts design.
Authors: Ting Ting Wang, Yuan Biao Zhang, Zhi Ning Liang, Wei Huang
Abstract: To strengthen monitoring for plastic debris in the ocean, our paper compared debris distributions of 2 special Garbage Patches (The North Pacific Central Gyre and Kuroshio Current area). And then we developed a computer-based optimal searching model to monitor formation and changes of debris in the oceans. We found that winds belts, currents, and regional human activities along with seasonal climatic variations can influence marine litter patterns and trends in deposition.
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