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Authors: Giorgio Lulli, Roberta Nipoti
Abstract: In this work under-mask penetration of Al+ ions implanted in 4H-SiC is investigated by computer simulation based on the Monte-Carlo binary collision approximation (MC–BCA). Results indicate that a small fraction of ions, implanted normal to a (0001) 4H-SiC wafer (8° off-axis towards the {11-20}), is scattered and become channeled in the <1120> directions perpendicular to the <0001> axis. Due to this phenomenon, doped regions with concentration ≤ 10− 4 of the peak value, may extend laterally for a few µm below the edge of a SiO2 mask.
Authors: F. Ditrói, J.D. Meyer, R.W. Michelmann, Klaus Bethge
Authors: Martin S. Janson, Anders Hallén, Phillippe Godignon, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov, Margareta K. Linnarsson, Erwan Morvan, Bengt Gunnar Svensson
Authors: Yuri Adischev, Victor Zabaev, Valery Kaplin, Sergey Kuznetsov, Sergey Uglov, Vitaly Ivanov
Abstract: In an experiment conducted at the Tomsk synchrotron "Sirius", the photon yield of parametric X-ray radiation generated by 500 MeV electrons in a tungsten monocrystal in Bragg geometry has been studied. The (111) tungsten monocrystal, having a thickness of 1.7 mm and a surface mosaicity of not more than 80², was oriented at the Bragg angle θB = 45° to the direction of the electron beam. The photons were detected at the angle 2θB = 90° relative to the electron beam. A comparison of PXR angular distributions with calculations has been carried out with taking into account the actual conditions of the experiment.
Authors: Z. Zolnai, N.Q. Khánh, T. Lohner, A. Ster, E. Kótai, I. Vickridge, J. Gyulai
Authors: Anders Hallén, P.O.Å. Persson, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov, L. Hultman, Bengt Gunnar Svensson
Authors: J. Fradin, T. Thomé, R.I. Grynszpan, Lionel Thomé, W. Anwand, Gerhard Brauer
Authors: Erwan Morvan, Narcis Mestres, F.J. Campos, Jordi Pascual, Anders Hallén, Margareta K. Linnarsson, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov
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